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There’s nothing complicated about spark plugs. However, despite them being small, a spark plug must always possess certain accuracy and durability. Generally, spark plugs can ride out extreme heat, vibrations, and electric currents. For a motorcycle to have an optimized engine performance right as it kickstarts, it must have a good spark plug. Harley Davidson motorcycles aren’t strangers to that. In fact, its iconic sound and top-notch performance rely on having a good spark plug.

To find the best spark plug to match your Harley, we pulled together a list of the best in the market. Let’s break down the features of these spark plugs and learn why they’re the best for your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

What Are Spark Plugs For Harley-Davidson’s?

There’s a specific sound that only Harley Davidson motorcycles can emit especially upon kickstart. To get that perfect Harley sound and a brilliant combustion engine performance, the spark plug is the answer. Yes, we’re talking about those little devices that screw into the motorcycle engine. Spark plugs send electric currents from the ignition system toward the combustion chamber.

While it’s a common part for a motorcycle to have, your Harley works best with the right spark plug. To find the most suitable spark plug for your motorcycle, itâ’s best to consider its material. Not only should it be hard but it should also have high melting temperatures. The sharpest points on the plugs also play a role in picking the right spark plug. Make sure that it remains sharp for as long as possible. Finally, to make sure your spark plug is efficient, consider the size of the center of its electrode. Remember: smaller centers equals less voltage needed for it to spark.

1. NGK Iridium IX DCPR7EIX

One of the most efficient spark plugs on our list, the NGK Iridium IX DCPR7EIX features an electrode 25% smaller than platinum plugs. That’s only a quarter of the size of a typical nickel electrode. Its small diameter reduces its voltage requirement. In turn, this extends the life of the ignition system. Not only will your bike start faster but it will also last longer without undergoing extensive maintenance. If you’re looking for ways to make your Harley-Davidson faster, start off by giving it this plug.

Although more expensive due to its iridium tips, these pre-gapped plugs come with enhanced metal shell plating. This provides the plugs with improved anti-corrosion features. As a downside, these plugs have high reactivity. Using it on carbureted bikes fuels the plugs up too easily. NGK Iridium IX DCPR7EIX spark plugs work best on Harley Davidson Twin Cam engines.

2. E3 Powersports Spark Plug

The E3 Powersports Spark Plug works perfectly if you’re looking for smooth acceleration and less carbon emission. A lot of motorcyclists use this making it one of the most popular today. This choice of the spark plug is far more sustainable than others on the list.

This nickel-plated spark plug features the company’s proprietary DiamondFIRE ground electrode module. This makes fuel burning more efficient. Given that, the pressure inside the cylinder increases. The DiamondFIRE ground electrode extends the plug so it’s projected right into the combustion chamber. It brings the plug closer to the air and fuel mixture, therefore, allowing the fuel to spark quicker with more efficiency.

(Video) Changing Spark Plugs/Milwaukee 8 Harley Engine

Even with a variety of sizes, these spark plugs don’t perfectly match motorcycles with large gaps. Therefore, they work best with most Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

3. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark PlugÂ

Iridium spark plugs might be more expensive but they prove to be more dynamic than others. The ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug is one of the best, especially for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. ACDelco specifically manufactured these plugs for improved engine idle stability as well as smoother performance. With the plugs’ iridium fine-wire electrodes, you’ll be able to experience refined cold starting and swift acceleration.

Not to mention, the presence of iridium improves a motorcycle’s fuel usage by enhancing fuel ignition. It also burns off carbon deposits more quickly than other plugs. Moreover, with its one-piece suppressor seal, any radio frequencies that affect the electronics of your bike get constrained. This spark plug perfectly suits either a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam or Sportster.

4. Denso PK20TT Platinum Spark Plug

The design of the Denso PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug proves unique versus other spark plugs. The patented design of these platinum plugs features a twin-tip design. This specifically improves the ignition, therefore, extending its shelf-life and reliability. Before Denso patented this tech, only high-tech automobiles possessed twin-tip designs.

This spark plug features a platinum center electrode with a titanium-enhanced alloy around it. Most platinum plugs only have platinum-only center electrodes. However, to optimize its durability and minimize tip erosion, Denso employs the use of titanium-enhanced alloys. In turn, Denso platinum plugs can go more than 60,000 miles with their peak spark performance.

Now, what does the second tip do? The secondary tip helps by lessening the interference of spark growth all while keeping the same gap. If youâ’re looking to promote your bike’s fuel economy and acceleration while minimizing engine misfires, these plugs are for you. They work perfectly with Harley-Davidson Sporster or Twin Cam bikes.

5. Tuning Store Iridium Spark Plug

Just like the other iridium plugs on our list, the Tuning Store Iridium Spark Plug comes with iridium electrodes. This increases the overall performance of the bike and extends the life of the plug as well as the bike. It’s an efficient choice for those who are looking for quality more than just an affordable replacement plug.

Nickel and platinum electrodes require more voltage than iridium electrodes. Because iridium centers are smaller, it uses less voltage to create a spark. The only drawback of this spark plug, in particular, is its gapping. Once installed, it may need to be reset. More than that, aside from it being pricier than platinum or copper spark plugs, it remains a smart choice. They also fit Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engines from 1999 to 2017 perfectly.

6. Screamin’ Eagle Performance Spark Plug

Many professionals and hobbyists would also refer you to a double platinum spark plug, particularly the Screamin’ Eagle Performance Spark Plug. The double-platinum coating improves the plug’s erosion resistance, therefore, extending its life. Moreover, it features a V-trimmed ground electrode with a fine wire at the center. It enhances ignitability and startups while suppressing noise. Not to mention, it minimizes interference with electronic devices.

(Video) Harley Davidson Spark Plug Inspection

The brand’s proprietary Ribbed Core Technology also minimizes carbon fouling. This works great in racing applications that requires rich air/fuel conditions.

7. Champion Spark Plug RA8HC

For the past century, Champion Motors has proven itself a major player in spark plug development. This is the very company behind the first-ever commercial spark plug launched over a hundred years ago. The Champion Spark Plug RA8HC works particularly for Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special FLHXS 2014-2016 models.

Compared to the others on our list, it may be the most affordable. With a copper core, the spark plug uses nickel alloy electrodes as well as thermal bonding. In effect, it provides a wider insulator base with a long insulator nose. Moreover, at an 8-heat range rating, it truly is one of the most efficient in the market to prevent your motorcycle from overheating.

Since it’s a bespoke spark plug, it only works and perfectly suits any Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special FLHXS from 2014 to 2016. There’s no other spark plug that would better work with this motorcycle.

3 Types of Motorcycle Spark Plugs

With that said, let’s break down the types of spark plugs you may encounter on the market today.

1. Copper Spark Plugs

Most spark plugs feature copper tips. This remains the standard form that you’ll see on the market, unsurprisingly so since copper is one of the best electricity conductors. To prove this, copper spark plugs don’t easily overheat which makes them last longer. Copper plugs also remain an inexpensive choice. So, for those working under a budget, this could be the right choice for you. You can go as far as 40,000 miles before copper plugs show any sign of disintegration.

2. Platinum Spark Plugs

Platinum spark plugs, for obvious reasons, prove to be more expensive than copper plugs. Right now, there are two types of platinum plugs you’ll find in the market.

Firstly, single platinum spark plugs — less conductive than copper but more expensive. Why? It’s because platinum-tipped plugs last longer. Platinum naturally doesn’t wear out as fast as copper does. Overheating, perhaps, is the biggest issue among these plugs but they can go as far as 100,000 miles.

Double platinum spark plugs, on the other hand, provide better endurance. Due to it having double plates of platinum on the tip, it lasts up to twice as long as single platinum plugs. With that said, they’re also more expensive. Overheating also remains a persistent issue on these plugs.

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3. Iridium Spark Plugs

The logic on why iridium-tipped spark plugs are the most expensive of all choices relies solely on its rarity. Generally, iridium is hard to find. Itâ’s also not as great of a conductor as copper. However, iridium spark plugs remain a reliable choice. It can go as far as 60,000 miles without showing any sign of erosion.

Best Spark Plug Brands for Harley Davidson

1. ACDelco

General Motors subsidiary, ACDelco, remains a big player in the automotive parts manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Grand Blanc Mich, the company provides consumers with high-performance spark plugs. The brand’s best output yet remains to be the ACDelco Professional Iridium Spark Plug.

2. Denso

Denso doesn’t only dominate the Japanese market but also the rest of the world. The company manufactures automotive components independently. They also provide equipment for brands like Ford, Honda, Toyota, Benz, and Volvo. As aforementioned on our list, the Denso Platinum TT Spark Plug is only one of the best you’ll find on the market. The Denso Iridium Long Life Spark Plugs are also worth checking out!

3. E3 Spark Plugs

The unique selling point of E3 Spark Plugs relies on its sustainability. Compared to other companies, E3’s manufactures environmental-friendly spark plugs. In exchange, it provides cleaner fuel burn, thus, less carbon emission. The brand doesn’t only make motorcycle spark plugs but also produces plugs for cars, trucks, ATVs, and even lawnmowers. We recommend the E3 Spark Plug Powersports for your Harley Davidson motorcycle!

4. NGK

One of the most trusted original equipment manufacturers, a Japan-based NGK company has a long history of excellence. The company also creates aftermarket accessories in the automotive industry as well as the aviation field. Aside from spark plugs, the company makes excelled oxygen sensors and ignition coils. The NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs is one of the most sought-after in the market today.

Spark Plug Gapping

Gapping is not at all a complicated task. In fact, all you need is a typical spark plug gap tool. However, remember that expanding or reducing gaps can be quite tricky. Don’t exert force on other parts of the plugs except for the ground electrode strap. Don’t exercise force on the center electrode ceramic insulator or spark plug center electrode.

If you’re not sure how to gap a spark plug, your best bet would be pre-set spark plugs. Many manufacturers make this available online and in stores.

How Often Should You Change Spark Plugs

To make sure that you won’t have any problems starting up your bike, it’s best to change spark plugs every 15,000 miles. However, if permitted, you can wait until 30,000 miles before changing it.

Make it a habit to check your spark plugs just as much as you check turn signals, tires, or brakes. If youâ’re buying a second-hand Harley, do ask when the last time the previous owner changed the spark plug. That way, you’ll know when to change it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change spark plugs myself?

Of course! If you’re looking into saving money in the future, it’s a great skill to learn. Not to mention, it’s not very difficult. Acquiring this skill will make changing more efficient therefore keeping your bike in check.

Q: Is Iridium the best material for spark plugs?

Iridium is the hardest material a spark plug can have. If you can get your hands on iridium plugs, then you’re in for long rides and smooth performance. It’s the hardest of all materials. However, it’s expensive because it’s difficult to find. In the end, its durability is the very reason many people prefer it over carbon or platinum.

Q: What are the benefits of having iridium spark plugs?

There are many reasons why iridium plugs sell out. Firstly, it improves acceleration. Right off the bat, you’d feel the difference between iridium and copper or platinum spark plugs. It also helps by giving your motorcycle more engine power. Climbing hills wouldn’t be a problem with this one. The starting characteristics of your engine also improve due to its ultra-fine center electrode. This promotes faster combustion. Lastly, having iridium spark plugs results in improved fuel economy, making sure that gasoline burns efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Spark plugs can make or break your whole motorcycle experience. They can either improve or demote the overall performance of your motorcycle. So, make sure you have the right spark plug to keep yourself from having troubles soon as you start your bike. To keep yourself from making a mistake, research plugs and their benefits as well as compatibility. Consider its material and spark plug gaps as well. If you can’t measure the gap on your bike, take pre-gapped plugs into consideration for a hassle-free ride.

7 Best Spark Plugs For Harley Davidson (Review) in 2022 - Gear Sustain (1)


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What brand spark plug does Harley Davidson use? ›

Denso patented the design of their spark plugs both in the US and Japan. It's the most recommended brand for modern bike engines, like the Harley Davidson.

What's the best spark plug for performance? ›

Iridium. The best spark plugs on the market boast an iridium construction. Iridium spark plugs give you even better gas mileage, performance, reliability, and longevity than double-platinum plugs.

How often should you change spark plugs on Harley Davidson? ›

The design it's still the same. I still recommend every 10,000 miles max. Change your spark plugs it

Is there a better spark plug than iridium? ›

Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity – better than any other type of material used in spark plugs – and also transfers heat faster.

What color should my Harley spark plugs be? ›

Normal Condition

If the firing end of a spark plug is brown or light gray, the condition can be judged to be good and the spark plug is functioning optimally.

Do Harley Davidson spark plugs come pre gapped? ›

With the new metal shell plating, there has been an enhancement of anticorrosion qualities. Still, these products come pre-gapped. This plug is recommended as one of the best spark plugs for Harley Davidson motorbikes.

What are the longest lasting spark plugs? ›

Long-life platinum and iridium spark plugs will typically last up to 100,000 miles or longer provided the engine isn't using oil or doesn't spend a lot of time idling.

What spark plugs are better than NGK? ›

Denso plugs are installed on almost every automobile model manufactured in Japan. The iridium used in them has a superior hardness. The electrode's diameter in these plugs shrinks more than an NGK. For this reason, Denso plugs won't last longer than NGK units but they will be better at producing powerful sparks.

What spark plug gives the most horsepower? ›

If you want spark plugs for better performance and buttery smooth idling, then Iridium plugs are the perfect choice. Prepare to pay up to three times (or more!) for Iridium vs Platinum, but they'll usually last longer, deliver more horsepower and breathe new life into your car!

How tight should Harley spark plugs be? ›

When installing spark plugs, proper torque can be important. To loose and they could rattle out or leak; too tight and you can strip your cylinder head. The correct torque for this plug is between 90 and 120 inch lbs.

How do I know if my Harley spark plugs are bad? ›

The signs of bad motorcycle spark plugs include your motorcycle misfiring, backfiring, or frequently having a flooded engine. You can also look for physical signs on the spark plugs themselves which may include burn marks, broken tips, rust, and corrosion.

How long do iridium spark plugs last in a motorcycle? ›

Not all iridium spark plugs are the long-life type, there are also some that have the same lifespan as a normal spark plug: 20,000 km (light automobiles: 10,000 km, motorcycles: 5,000 km).

What's better NGK iridium or platinum? ›


Iridium has better performance in igniting the air-fuel compression within the combustion chamber. Iridium spark plugs also have a longer lifespan (typically over 100,000 to 120,000 miles) than comparable platinum spark plugs (up to 100,000 miles).

Is NGK better than Bosch? ›

NGK spark plugs are more expensive than Bosch's spark plugs, but their quality is outstanding. They offer excellent performance and perform better in colder weather conditions.

Which is better iridium or ruthenium? ›

Iridium has more platinum levels than Ruthenium which gives the plug a higher melting point. Therefore, the iridium plug is more durable and high resistant to oxidation and corrosion. If you want your machine to run efficiently for years, the iridium spark plug is your best choice.

What do black spark plugs mean? ›

Black, dry soot on the electrodes and insulator tip indicates a carbon-fouled plug. This can be caused by a dirty air filter, excessive driving at low speeds, too rich of a fuel/air mixture or idling your vehicle for too long.

What does a white tip spark plug mean? ›

White build-ups on spark plugs are often a cause of overheating because of a bad ignition process caused by a suboptimal fuel-air ratio or the ignition is not present at all. Being exposed to high temperatures, the dark carbon deposits burn out, while the more persistent light-colored ones remain.

What does a red colored spark plug mean? ›

A plug that has racked up miles should have a brownish or grayish color on the insulator and electrodes, but some gas additives have been known to turn fresh insulators blue, pink or purple. A yellowish color is typically caused by leaded gas. Red is a sign of iron particle s or rust in the fuel system.

How do I adjust spark plug gap? ›

How to Gap a Spark Plug - YouTube

How many spark plugs does a Harley M8 have? ›

The M8 has two Harley Davidson spark plugs per cylinder. Four spark plugs total. The two spark plugs on the left side of the motorcycle are easily accessible.

How do you change the spark plugs on a Harley Sportster? ›

How to change or replace spark plugs on a Harley-Davidson Sportster

Do expensive spark plugs make a difference? ›

This would be more accurately described as “less performance loss.” Spark plugs do not increase the performance of an engine — even spark plug manufacturers are fairly forthright about that. Noble metal plugs can perform consistently and well, which helps to maintain the engineered performance of the engine.

Is Double Iridium better than iridium? ›

Double iridium spark plugs withstand higher temperatures and pressures during the combustion process, increasing lifespan. Double iridium spark plugs have a lifespan estimated to be up to four times that of traditional, non-precious metal plugs, and 125% that of similar platinum-based devices.

Do high performance spark plugs increase horsepower? ›

In short, yes, in some situations spark plugs can increase horsepower.

Do spark plug brands make a difference? ›

In other words, any brand of spark plug can be used in any vehicle make or model application assuming the plug has the correct dimensions, design and heat range. The engine won't know the difference.

Is Laser Iridium better than Iridium IX? ›

These two plugs perform similarly, due to their fine-wire tip design, but the service interval is different; the Laser Series are typically designed to last 80 to 100 thousand miles, where as the Iridium IX® spark plugs are designed to last 40 to 50 thousand miles.

Are Laser Iridium spark plugs worth it? ›

Iridium spark plugs are the most expensive spark plug model on the market, but in many cases they are worth the investment, as the premium price also comes with high performance and reliability.

How do I choose the right spark plugs? ›

To find the recommended spark plugs for your vehicle or machine, check your owner's manual. If your owner's manual specifies iridium spark plugs, don't downgrade to platinum spark plugs or copper spark plugs; if you downgrade, you run the risk of poor engine performance.

Is a bigger spark plug gap better? ›

The larger the gap, the more voltage is needed to jump the gap. Most experienced tuners know that increasing the gap size increases the spark area exposed to the air-fuel mixture, which maximizes burn efficiency.

Do iridium spark plugs give more power? ›

Greater engine power from iridium spark plugs

The spark plug manufacturers are unanimous about the fact that iridium spark plugs can considerably improve the engine power. The advantage is crucial when you need to navigate through difficult driving situations or climb steep slopes.

Should you put anti seize on spark plugs? ›

Metal shell stretch changes the heat rating of the spark plug and can result in serious engine damage caused by pre-ignition. Do not use anti-seize or lubricant on NGK spark plugs. It is completely unnecessary and can be detrimental.

What is the gap for Harley Davidson spark plugs? ›

Most Harley models with electronic ignition call for a range of 0.38 to 0.42 (0.40 average) gap, but consult your owners manual for your specific model.

What happens if you over torque a spark plug? ›

An over-torqued spark plug can cause stress to the metal shell, leading to thread damage or breakage. Over tightening can also compromise a plug's internal gas seal or even cause a hairline fracture in the insulator.

How often do motorcycle spark plugs need changing? ›

The spark plugs in the motorcycle should be replaced every 8000 miles to 10,000 miles (13,000 to 16,000 kilometres). In addition, the spark plugs need to be checked every 4000 to 5000 miles (6500 to 8000 kilometres) traveled. Most spark plugs usually have a lifespan of 10,000 miles.

What causes spark plugs to go bad fast? ›

Oil in Combustion Chamber

A leading cause of spark plug problems is a flow of engine oil into the combustion chamber. If oil leaks into the combustion chamber, it can cause the tip of the spark plug to get oily and dirty leading to premature failure.

Are iridium spark plugs good for motorcycles? ›

Our top pick for motorcycle spark plugs are the NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs. They are high-performance iridium plugs that improve the starting power and fuel efficiency of your bike.

Is E3 better than NGK? ›

E3 made a lot of claims of more power, smoother running, and better gas milage. Upon opening these plugs the first thing I noticed is that the end of the spark plug is much longer than the NGK plugs. They are 3/16" longer than the stock NGK spark plugs therefor they will stick 3/16" further into the combustion chamber.

How long do iridium tipped spark plugs last? ›

Generally, an iridium spark plug can last for 3000-4000 hours of engine runtime or up to 100,000 miles or more. While an iridium spark plug is made to last longer than platinum or copper core spark plugs, the iridium plug isn't made equal. Iridium spark plugs from various brands may have different life spans.

Are E3 spark plugs good for motorcycles? ›

E3 motorcycle spark plugs can restore life to your aging engine by providing a more complete burn. And.. a cleaner burn means a reduction of carbon build-up on critical components inside your motorcycle engine.

How many spark plugs does a Harley 103 have? ›

Four spark plugs total. The two spark plugs on the left side of the motorcycle are easily accessible. They are basically in the same position that they have always been. However, to access the two spark plugs on the right side of the motorcycle, you will have to completely remove the fuel tank from the motorcycle.

How do I adjust spark plug gap? ›

How to Gap a Spark Plug - YouTube

Is E3 better than NGK? ›

E3 made a lot of claims of more power, smoother running, and better gas milage. Upon opening these plugs the first thing I noticed is that the end of the spark plug is much longer than the NGK plugs. They are 3/16" longer than the stock NGK spark plugs therefor they will stick 3/16" further into the combustion chamber.

Do E3 Spark Plugs really make a difference? ›

E3 spark plugs have a unique ground electrode that encourages more turbulence in air/fuel mixture. This leads to a more complete burn of the available fuel and the downstream benefits of improvements in power, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions."

How much horsepower do E3 Spark Plugs add? ›

Independent tests have proven that E3 plugs, when compared to competitive spark plug brands, increase horsepower up to 12 hp, depending on engine class. Also, it is the only plug on the market that reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.

How tight should Harley spark plugs be? ›

When installing spark plugs, proper torque can be important. To loose and they could rattle out or leak; too tight and you can strip your cylinder head. The correct torque for this plug is between 90 and 120 inch lbs.

Should you put anti seize on spark plugs? ›

Metal shell stretch changes the heat rating of the spark plug and can result in serious engine damage caused by pre-ignition. Do not use anti-seize or lubricant on NGK spark plugs. It is completely unnecessary and can be detrimental.

How much horsepower does a 103 Screamin Eagle have? ›

This Street Performance kit produces 103 hp and 110 ft-lbs of torque.

What happens if your spark plug gap is too big? ›

If the spark plug gap in your vehicle is too big, the spark plugs will need a higher voltage to get the ignition spark to cross the gap. The engine can't always provide the extra voltage needed to cross the gap, so the spark is weaker and won't ignite your fuel mixture properly.

What happens if the spark plug gap is too small? ›

The customer may experience loss of power, misfires, spark plug fouling, increased plug wear, or poor gas mileage. Too small of a gap may give too weak of a spark to complete the combustion process within the engine; too wide of a gap can lead to the spark plug not firing correctly, causing misfires at high speeds.

What happens if your spark plug gap is too wide? ›

So when the spark plug fires, there's a possibility that nothing ignites. A wide gap between the center electrode and ground electrode allows for a strong, clean burn. But if the gap is too wide, the spark will be weak and won't have enough energy to ignite the charge, leading to cylinder misfire.


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