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Although extraordinarily overlooked, a chair is one of the essential elements of the furniture set in your interiors. No living spaces are complete without the addition of room chairs which offer the simple yet irreplaceable comfort of resting. Today, most modern living room chairs add not only a sense of functionality to your home but also bring an eclectic innovation in design and decor with unique styles, colours, and finishes. Handcrafted and handpicked by experts, you will find only the most exclusive collection of chair designs that bring a sense of satisfaction to every homeowner.

If you are on the lookout for a comfortable chair for home, here are some of the most relevant factors you must consider before shopping online.

Purchasing Chair Online: Most Important Things To Consider

Although it is quite simple to look for a chair online, buying the right one will take some thinking so that you purchase what is best for your interiors. Here are some of the most relevant factors which you must consider before purchasing your next chair.


Before anything else, you need to understand the most suitable size of home chairs that you will be placing. The right size of the chair will depend on the space available in your interiors and the purpose, based on which you can choose between dining chairs, folding chairs, and plastic chairs.


Once you decide on the right size of chairs for home, it is time to seek something that offers the right degree of comfort. So, for example, if you are looking for bedroom chairs with armrest support, you should check for features like padding and recline for the best body posture.


The seating height is an important factor that you should consider before making the final selection for a chair. While you will find that most chairs carry an average height, there can be variations between low and high options, and some chairs may also offer you the option of a height adjustable chair. Depending on the purpose for which you are picking the chairs, you will need to decide how best to choose the right height of the chair.

Resistant Frame

The resistant frame of a chair is the basic framework on which all the materials are mounted and woven. The frame of a chair can determine how resilient it really is and impact its overall durability. When shopping online, you may find the appropriate specification about the resistant frame, which can give you an idea about the quality of the chair.


You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to find the right chair for yourself. When shopping online for chairs, you can easily filter your choice between different chairs to find something that best fits your budget. You will find many affordable and reasonable options when shopping for chairs online.


While finding something adaptable for your home, there is no harm in experimenting with something that could enliven your private space. You can look for a stylish chair that exudes functional design with its unique texture, aesthetic structure, and harmonic patterns.


Perfect craftsmanship determines how well a chair is finished and polished. When shopping online here, you will find only the best-crafted chairs, which is why it is a pleasant experience to browse for them.


There may be no point in buying a fancy chair that does not meet the required quality standards of durability. even though you may find a chair attractive, it may not necessarily be the best thing to pick if it is not crafted with quality materials. Look for the type of wood used overall finishing on armchairs and understand the product description and intended use.

Types Of Chairs Online at Pepperfry

Your search for designed chairs ends right here! With the latest designs and styles of modern chairs available on the platform, you will be thrilled to explore the vivid variety of chairs for your homes and offices. Here are some of the best types of chairs that you can find online:

Arm Chairs

Arm chairs are among the most comfortable type of wooden chairs that you can find online. Complete with an armrest and backrest, these chairs are ideal for leisure when you want to relax.

Wing Chairs

The most prominent feature of these chairs is their high backrest which is mostly completed with comfortable upholstery. These chairs are mostly placed solo for a signature appearance at select corners of the room.

Rocking Chairs

With some amazing back and forth movement, these chairs can be easily adjusted to your seating position. The rocking movement of the chair proves to be very relaxing and comforting and can be placed as a highlight to your interior decor.

Dining Chairs

Most ideal for placement with dining tables, the simple wooden and upholstered seating of dining chairs is made to stand out in your collection of furniture. They are often selected together with a dining table to match the design and colour of the two.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are ideal for spaces with limited areas, such as a balcony. Foldable chairs are highly functional and add utility to the interiors with the option to easily place them as needed.

Metal Chairs

Metal chairs are most suitable for outdoor purposes. They may be available in bright and funky colours and can be used to decorate a garden or a patio where they will remain durable.

Lounge Chairs

Meant exclusively for interior spaces where you can come and feel relaxed, lounge chairs are a stellar addition to your rooms. They make a statement for your choice of furniture and look inviting at those times when you want to shun away the stress.

Office Chairs

every office space needs seating chairs where staff can settle down to work. These chairs are basic in design but comfortable and sturdy to ensure durability. You can also find study chairs in the same section, which are intended to offer comfort and durability.


Besides the usual options, you can also look for chairs in a wide range of fabrics such as leather, jute, polyester, fibre, and acrylic to suit your individual requirement. With a huge range of options available on the platform, you can look for various finishes, designs, and quality of chairs according to the price range at which you want to shop.

You can also browse for some more iconic chairs online at PepperFry to add a hint of modernity to your interior spaces. You can browse several brands and a range of furniture pieces on the platform to make your search easier.

Different Types of Chair Material:


The wooden chairs at Pepperfry are made from good-quality wood, including Sheesham wood, teak wood, cane, mahogany wood, pinewood, mango wood, meranti wood, oak wood, rosewood, rubberwood, acacia wood, ash wood, beechwood, and engineered wood. Be it any decor, wooden chairs are a perfect choice, as they are durable, sturdy, and possess a classic finish.


Metal chairs are sturdy and would blend easily with modern or transitional decor. You can choose from various options in folding chairs and revolving chairs. Some of the metal chairs also feature wood or fabric seats.


Round plastic chairs are ideal for outdoor seating. There are also options for kids chairs. Thanks to their lightweight, they are easy to carry and move around. Therefore, you can take plastic folding chairs for picnics and outings.


You also have options in fabric, leatherette, velvet, polypropylene, wicker, acrylic, jute, polyester, and fibre chairs. Be it office or home; you can pick from individual computer chairs made in leather.

Why Buy Your Next Chair At Pepperfry?

When you are in need of a chair for a shop or your home, you should settle for nothing but the best. At Pepperfry, you will find a wide range of designs for wooden chairs and modern chairs across multiple styles and varying price ranges. You can browse for the large variety of chairs online at PepperFry to find the one that best suits your requirement. With so many options to select from, you will definitely come across an ideal chair that brings elegance and comfort to your interiors.

With varying aesthetic and design needs, each one of us wants the best piece of furniture for our interiors. But shopping for them gets easier when you are on PepperFry. Spread across multiple categories and segregated into different shapes, colours, sizes, patterns, and designs, you can easily shift through the price range that best suits your budget and pick a chair that will illuminate your interiors.

Furthermore, with bespoke quality standing as a standard on which every product is handpicked at PepperFry, there is no reason why you will need to worry about finding a new chair anytime soon after purchasing one with us. Designed with the best quality of wood and raw materials, each chair at PepperFry passes through multiple stages of inspection and quality checks to ensure that we offer you only what is best. To strengthen your trust while purchasing a chair with us, you also get a warranty with every product that guards any manufacturing defects. So get started and explore the wide range of furniture that we have available with us, right from the comfort of your home.

What Is Trending Chair in 2022

Finding an ideal chair for your living rooms and dining room is quite essential since they offer you the ultimate comfort and relaxation to settle down. Suppose you are on the lookout for a trending chair to buy for your interiors. In that case, you should look for a solid wooden chair, chairs with textured surfaces, surfaces in matte metals, vintage look chairs, and decorative ottomans, which are the highlight of this season and are in huge demand for the upcoming year. At Pepperfry, you will find the latest variety of all types of chairs, which you can easily place in your interiors and display your taste in decoration.

Chairs - Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Chairs?

The different types of chairs include armchairs, rocking chairs, cantilever chairs, barrel chairs, wing chairs, lounger chairs, cafe chairs, iconic chairs, slipper chairs, office chairs, folding chairs, and plastic chairs.

What Type Of Chair Is Best For Studying?

An office chair or cantilever chair is best for studying.

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