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2016-03-28 - Does the Sport Contact 6 replace the Sport Contact 5?

No, the Sport Contact 6 replaces the 5P, so is currently only available in 19" and above.

2016-05-24 - I want 2X 225/40 R19 93Y sport contact 6 can you tell me does this tyre have rim protection

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According to Continental, that size of the Sport Contact 6 does have a rim protector

2016-04-29 - Hello. I want to buy Continental sport contact 6 in size 235/35 r19. Can You tell me what is the weight of one tyre in this size? In Label Scores the weight of one tyre in this size is 13+kilograms! If this information is true Sport contact in this size is really HEAVY. But I don't understand how I could be real, because225/35 R19 88Y XL 9.08kgs235/35 R19 91Y XL 13.25kgs245/35 R19 93Y XL 10.25kgs

We've spoken to Continental and you are correct, our weight is wrong. The correct weight of the 235/35 R19 Sport Contact 6 is 9.431kgs, we will update the site soon.

2017-03-30 - have a rather strange question:I have just purchased brand new original BMW rims with 8.5 "x19" and mounted ContiSportContact 6 in size 245 / 40-19 at them. The hotter the tire become the more there will be an "extra" noise on top of the normal noise from the asphalt. It's like a kind of rung. It sounds just like to drive very extreme high pressure (air). Some claim that with alloy wheels in 19" and more, the rim (aluminum material) that goes in swings and the hotter the tire become the more increases the tire pressure and so goes the rim more and more in swing Is it a phenomenon others have heard of and if so, what can I do to stop the oscillation rim (do the rim sound-dead)?

Unfortunately this isn't something we have experience with. The Continental Sport Contact 6 is a well regarded tyre in regards to comfort and noise, so it's unlikely to be the tyres fault.

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2018-04-03 - Hi im looking for bigger tyres for my 2012 gtr r35, i had 255/40/20 and 285/35/20 run flat Bridgestone,Im thinking Conti SC 6 on 275/35/20 and 305/30/20,I know the bigger tyres will fit in wheel arch but will they fit well with the stock wheels ?

Unfortunately I'm unable to advise whether the Sport Contact 6 will fit, I suggest visiting a GTR owners forum and seeing what people have already tried!

2018-06-07 - I have a chrysler crossfire. I want to change all tyres for contisport contact 6. My car is front 225 40 18 front and 255 35 19 rear. Rears I can change but front contisport contact 6 only start 235 40 18 for front. Can I use this size. And if so would I have to change size of rears. Or could i use premium contact 6 on front correct size and contisport 6 on rear. What do you suggest?

I'm afraid I can not recommended either changing away from the OE sizes, or mixing tyres. 225/40 18 should be in the Sport Contact 6 in the future, for now I would either use Premium Contact 6 all round or look at a comparable tyre such as the Michelin Pilot Sport 4.

2018-12-23 - Hi, I am looking for new tyres for fast SUV. I can only choose between Continental SportContact 6 and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (there is no 4s in my size). What do you think will be better for spirited driving on normal roads (no track use)? Personally I am leaning more towards Conti because they suppose to be more "sporty". Are SportConact 6 = PS4S and PremiumContact 6 = PS4 competitor??

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Yes, that is correct. The SC6 is a great tyre, comparable to the MPS4S, but it can wear quickly in certain applications which is its only drawback.

2018-12-25 - Hi, I have a question regarding real tire width. Previously I used Continental Sport Contact 5P and currently I have Pirelli P Zero. Although both Conti and Pirelli are in the same size which is 295/30R19 the Pirelli is a lot wider. I have to replace tires and wanted to try Conti sportcontact 6. So the question is are SC6 also narrower (like 5P were) than other brands and how are they comparing to Michelin PS4S (are they wider or narrower?) or other brands?? I think this is very important topic and I realised it when I tried different types of tires. The real width is sometimes a lot different than label size. Could you elaborate on that?

All tyres are allowed to be manufactured within a variance of that size. I'm currently just waiting back on hearing exactly what that variance is, however it should never be "a lot", and the variance found will have very little effect on performance as it will be less than changing sizes, check out our tyre width video here.

I'm afraid only Continental will be able to answer where they designed the CSC6 to fit.

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2019-05-04 - Hi, I am looking for new tyres for a Boxster. The car is a daily, so wet performance is important. It has PS2s and of the later premium summer tyres, the conti sport contact 6 seems to be the only option. How would you say this compares. Tyre sizes are 235/35/19 and 265/35/19TIA

THe Sport Contact 6 is much better in the wet than the tyres like the PS2.

2020-04-22 - I am currently driving a BMW M2 (5/2017) - weekend car, no track. It came fitted std with the Conti SportContact3*, and I need to replace the rear tyres now, the front ones are still fine (but will need to be replaced in 6-9 months). My understanding is that the SC3* is no longer available. What should I do? (1) Go for the Conti SportContact6 rear only, even if it has no */BMW accreditation (and replacing the front SC3* with the SC6 later) ; (2) Go for the Michelin SP4* rear only for a few months (any issue mixing with the SC3* in the front); or (3) Go with a full set of SC6 without the BMW warranty (any other downside?) or SP4*? All recommendations welcomed!

Watch our M2 UHP tyre test on Youtube, there are plenty of good options.

2021-09-02 - hello i have currently an audi rs6 performance fitted from factory with contis sportcontact 5p 285/30/21 with R01 certification and contisilent tech my rims are 9,5/21inch and i am searching for new tyres...Currently i can not find the csc6 in the same dimensions and the other tyres in 285/30/21 have wider section width 11,4 (pz4 and ps4s) instead of 10,7 (csc5p) the difference is huge and the 9,5 rims are already at their limit...what is your suggestion??For reference in tyre rack the smaller 275/30/21 michelin ps4s has section width of 10,9 and a track width of 9,7and the wider continental sport contact 5p 285/30/21 has section width of 10,7 and a track width of 10 !!!!!THIS MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL please help us because as i see many customers have encountered the same problem

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In this case, sticking with OE might be the smartest move to protect the AWD system!


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