Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (2023)

B-Eco claims its fuel tab is a revolutionary fuel catalyst proven to reduce fuel consumption.

Company Website:

A new gas saver pill that hit the market this year is the B-Eco Fuel Tab.

B-Eco is B-Epic Worldwide’s lineup of new products designed to save drivers fuel, their flagship product being these new B-Eco Fuel Tabs.

A B-Eco Fuel tab is a tablet you place into your gas tank and is designed to treat between 15-20 gallons of gas or diesel.

According to their website, B-Eco claims these fuel tablets will,

  • Increase MPG
  • Decrease emissions and exhaust
  • Boost power and performance
  • and help lower maintenance costs

“It has been shown to improve fuel consumption by up
to 15%, B-Eco’s Tested and Proven Section explains. “On average, an increase of 5% to 18% has been reported.”

B-Epic worldwide B-eco fuel tabs

But does the B-eco fuel tablet actually work? Let’s see.

B-Eco, Be Epic Worldwide’s fuel saving product lineup in partnership with Pro One Extreme Lubricants.

B-Eco itself is literally only a few months old. According to their domain information, was registered on Dec 06, 2021.

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (1)

Its parent company, BEpic (or B-Epic,) is also relatively new, founded in November 2016, entering the U.S. Market in 2017.

B-Epic is headquartered in Layton, Utah.

B-Epic describes itself as a network trading company and, for the past six years, has built its reputation selling supplements.

Better Business Bureau National Programs more precisely classifies B-Epic as a “multi-level direct selling company.”

B-Eco fuel tabs, like B-Epic supplements, are not available for sale in traditional brick and mortar stores but are sold through the company’s network of distributors.

In order to buy B-Eco fuel tabs, you either have to buy them through a distributor or, become a distributor yourself.

Initially, when I was researching B-Eco Fuel tabs, I was confused why B-Epic was using presentation slides from Pro One Lubricants and re-labeling them as their own.

Thankfully, a comment left on this blog post linked me to this video below between B-Epic’s founder Dan Putnam and Pro One Lubricants co-founder Lawrence Kahn.

FOUNDER OF THE GAS TABS from BE. 10X on Vimeo.

B-Epic is partnering with Southern California based lubricant company Pro One Extreme Lubricants, allowing B-Epic to use their proprietary fuel and lubrication technology, including their EPA registration, in their B-Eco fuel tabs.

(Video) B Eco Fuel Tabs (Case Study)

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (2)

Pro One Lubricants was founded in 2007 by Elton Alderman in partnership with Tim Wagner and the aforementioned Lawrence Kahn.

Listed in Pro One Lubricant’s product lineup is their “Fuel Maximizer,” a super-concentrated fuel catalyst/conditioner that liberates fuel’s chemical energy and addresses fuel problems.”

Sound familiar?

Between 2013-2014, Pro One Lubricants launched their consumer lineup of fuel saving technologies and lubricants dubbed Xtreme Green.

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (3)

Their website at is still up.

Their flagship product, Fuel Max Plus+ liquid shots, appears to be the consumer version of Pro One’s Fuel Maximizer.

According to Behind, Xtreme Global initially sold their lineup of products using a “chain recruitment scheme.” Like B-Epic, there are no in-store products. Products are only available via affiliates.

In 2018, Xtreme Global updated their compensation plan but, as Behind MLM concluded, “the company is (was) operating as a pyramid scheme.”

Although it looks like Xtreme Green’s lineup of products are no longer available (no affiliates?) you can still find a lot of their product on eBay.

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (4)

Which brings us to 2022.

As I understand it, Xtreme Green, under Pro One Extreme Lubricants, and their lineup of products and proprietary technology is getting a second wind and finding a new avenue of distribution partnering with B-Epic.

How does the B-Eco Fuel tab work?

B-Eco’s explainer is surprisingly skimpy on the details of how it actually works. As mentioned, B-Eco is advertised as a fuel catalyst.

According to the Department of Energy,

“Acatalystis a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, or lowers the temperature or pressure needed to start one, without itself being consumed during the reaction.”

By that definition, B-Eco fuel tablets “speeds up” the chemical reaction that happens in the combustion chamber.

“What this (a tablet) does, is it burns your fuel more effectively, very similar with what our hydrate does with water, this product does with fuel, says Dan Putnam, CEO of B-Eco. “It makes the molecules of fuel much, much smaller, so it’s able to burn more. But, when you burn more of it, that increases the gas mileage, it decreases the pollution, and it increases the power.

Hydrate, or I assume Hydr8tion, is a B-Epic product that, “doubles the pH of an ordinary drinking water.”

(Video) how a b-eco fuel tab works

Does it work?

There are several B-Eco Fuel Tab users that say they work.

This B-Eco tablet user says she’s getting a 15 % increase of what she’s getting out of a tank of gas.

There are also B-Eco product users on social media, like these on the B-Eco For Life Facebook group, who claim to find improved fuel efficiency using B-Eco Fuel Tabs.

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (5)


Lack of data

B-Eco claims,

“For years, large trucking fleets…and other commercial and industrial consumers have been successfully using the B-ECO Fuel Tabs technology.”

Researching their website and widely on the internet, I couldn’t find any actual case studies from trucking fleets or other companies using their fuel tablet technology.

If, as a whole, the U.S. trucking industry consumes roughly 54 billion gallons of fuel a year, even the least amount of savings these tablets claim to save, 5%, would amount to a potential 2.7 billion gallons saved annually.

It would quickly be a best practice touted by fleet managers and I would, at least, find one example.

I would also, at least, find a mention on a trucking forum like

Also, how can a technology be tested for years if the parent company itself is only five years old?

B-Eco Fuel Tabs are supposedly EPA registered by extension of Pro One Lubricant’s technology.

B-Eco also claims they are EPA registered.

Per 40 CFR 79.23 – all gasoline additives sold in the USA are required to be registered by the EPA.

The EPA also publishes a list of fuel and fuel additives registrations on their website, updated monthly (linked here.)

Although B-Eco Fuel Tabs are not listed and registered under the EPA, B-Eco claims EPA registration eligibility because they are partnering with Pro One Extreme Lubricants.

Pro One’s Fuel Maximizer is EPA registered.

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (6)

Whether EPA registration by extension of the same technology is allowed, even though the form factor is markedly different (pill vs liquid,) is a question I’m looking into and will update this blog post accordingly.

B-Eco User reported experiences aren’t blind studies

While personal experiences with the tablet are true, we can’t discount that these self-reports aren’t blinded. When the driver knows they’re driving with a fuel saving tablet, it’s bound to affect their driving style.

(Video) 🚨Is B-ECO Fuel Tabs A Scam???😲🙄🤷🏿‍♂️

Modern engines optimized for modern fuel

If B-Eco fuel tablets do optimize fuel for better, more efficient combustion, modern ECUs, as is, might not be able to compensate for the improved burning characteristics.

Our cars are already engineered to run at near peak efficiency with regular gas, as it is from the pump, with the main on-the-fly (near instantaneous) changes being levels of air, fuel, and, timing to adjust for octane.

Tuning for improved fuel requires expert and individualized dyno tuning by an experienced tuner.

So, even if fuel does become optimized, without proper tuning, no power and fuel efficiency gains are achieved.

Lab test results from ProOne Fuel Maximizer?

B-Epic does list lab results for a diesel engine but an image search reveals they match a PowerPoint presentation for a different product, ProOne’s Fuel Maximizer.

Although we now know B-Eco under B-Epic is partnering with Pro One Lubricants, considering the different delivery method, it’s, in my opinion, a bit disingenuous to re-label lab results as delivering the same performance.

Regardless, the lab results are linked below.

BEpic B-Eco’s lab test results here.
ProOne’s Fuel Maximizer presentation here.

Screenshots below.

B-Eco lab results
Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (7)

If this is truly a revolutionary product, why not spend the R&D money to run a new set of tests to prove the catalyst technology still works as intended, albeit in pill form?

B-Eco Fuel Tablet claims compared to previous fuel tablet company claims.

Fuel Tablets that claim to save you money at the pump are nothing new. There are at least two, now defunct companies, that sold arguably similar “place tablets in your gas” products.

First there’s Fuel Freedom International based out of Altamonte Springs, Florida, a, according to Learn To Grow Wealth, multi-level marketing company whose flagship product was MPG-CAPS.

“MPG-CAPS are a cost-effective product that increases fuel economy,” says FFI on their website. ”MPG-CAPS have also shown to decrease emissions in older vehicles, making it a perfect product for vehicles in emission control states.”

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (8)
Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (9)

FFI started doing business in 2005.

Their claims were so good that it caught the attention of the Florida Attorney General’s Office who opened an investigation on the company in 2006 after over a dozen complaints.

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (10)

According to the Attorney General’s office, they alleged FFI was using,

“Unfair/deceptive business practices in the sale of product that purports to make gasoline burn with greater efficiency without independent scientific testing to substantiate claim.

FFI’s CEO at the time, Randy Ray, eventually

(Video) 𝐁𝐞𝐜𝐨 𝐟𝐮𝐞𝐥 𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐬 𝐯𝐬 𝐅𝐮𝐞𝐥 𝐟𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐱 - Beco Fuel tabs review Fuel Factor X review

“…signed an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (in 2009) with Florida’s Office of Attorney General and the company paid $100,000. As part of the terms of the agreement, Fuel Freedom and Ray are enjoined from, among other things, violating Florida statutes pertaining to false and misleading advertising…and pyramid clubs.”

You can read the official document here.

As an aside, FFI MPG-CAPS was a product my parents signed up to buy and promote around that time. When I asked my Mom if she regrets signing with FFI, she replied with, “We all make mistakes.”

Then around 2009 there was Green Foot Fuel Technology doing business as Green Foot Global.

According to Behind MLM, Green Foot Global was a green environment company that marketed Envirotabs, a fuel additive tablet that you add to a tank of gas.

The company claimed their EnviroTabs are,

“an organometallic metal conditioner that acts as acombustion (sic) chamber catalyst. This catalyst allows more of the fuel to burn in the power stroke of the engine, and therefore, less fuel burns in the exhaust stroke.”

Where have we heard catalyst before?

Green Foot Global LLC was eventually investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and agreed to settle charges that “EnviroTabs” will increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions etc. It cost them $800,000.

You can see what remains of here.

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work? (11)


Users of the B-Eco Fuel Tablets claim they work, often providing receipts to back it up so, it’s possible B-Epic, with Pro One’s technology, does have a tablet formulation that really “catalyzes gas” for better combustion, improved fuel efficiency, etc.

I’ve raised valid concerns that B-Eco does not back up their claims with actual case studies from fleet managers or hard numbers from independent testers (not affiliated with the company) with before and after results.

The lab results provided are for another product in a different form factor altogether.

I’m also not saying B-Eco is exactly like those now defunct, aforementioned companies. Their delivery method (tablet in your fuel) and claims (save gas, increase power), however, are.

I look forward to B-Eco publishing official documents, backing up their claims soon, so I can update this blog post.

What I am saying is, taking a quote from Amy Hebert, Consumer Education Specialist from the FTC on Green Foot Global,

“Be skeptical of any gas-saving or environmental claims for automotive devices or fuel additives.”


Does B-Eco fuel Tabs work? ›

Tested and Proven

It has been shown to improve fuel consumption by up to 15%. And now B-ECO Fuel Tabs have been modified to also be used in gasoline engines – in addition to diesel engines – with any grade of fuel so that all consumers can enjoy the same benefits.

Does the eco chip work? ›

Planet of Reviews says in their evaluation of the EcoChip, "The claims that EcoChip fuel saver is the best-selling fuel saver on the market is actually false. The EcoChip does not save fuel consumption in any way, the chip doesn't re-align the molecular structure of the fuel before it reaches the fuel injectors.

How do you use B-ECO fuel tabs? ›

To increase fuel savings, improve vehicle performance, and lower maintenance costs, use B-ECO Fuel Tabs every time you fill up your vehicle. Simply insert one fuel tablet into your vehicle's fuel tank prior to fueling. Each fuel tablet treats 15-20 gallons of gas or diesel fuel.

What do fuel tablets do? ›

These fuel pills help eliminate deposits that cause incomplete burns in the combustion chamber, making the engine run better and cleaner. Eliminating deposits from internal engine components, besides extending the life of the engine, also improve fuel economy.

Who manufactures b eco fuel tabs? ›

B-Eco is B-Epic Worldwide's lineup of new products designed to save drivers fuel, their flagship product being these new B-Eco Fuel Tabs. A B-Eco Fuel tab is a tablet you place into your gas tank and is designed to treat between 15-20 gallons of gas or diesel.

Do fuel additives work? ›

Do Fuel Additives Work? Maybe, but it depends on what you're trying to achieve with your fuel additive. They may prevent future car maintenance problems regarding your fuel injectors and buildup. However, fuel additives may not improve your vehicle's fuel economy right away after just one tank.

Should I use Eco mode on the highway? ›

Can I use Eco Mode on the highway? It is not recommended that you use Eco Mode on the highway. That's because Eco Mode is designed to inhibit acceleration. When you are on the highway, you will need the vehicle's acceleration power to keep up with highway driving.

How do you get better gas mileage? ›

How to Improve Gas Mileage in 5 Steps
  1. Clear out the extra clutter. There are some items you should keep in your car, like an emergency kit. ...
  2. Limit idling. ...
  3. Keep your speed steady and within the speed limit. ...
  4. Check your tire pressure. ...
  5. Perform regular maintenance.

Is Eco Mod legit? ›

Eco mode is not a magic button that will instantly save fuel. Its true value rests in its ability to encourage frugal driving behavior that can make a difference. We have seen in other tests that driving smoothly can make a 2 to 3 mpg improvement around town, compared with an erratic driving style.

Where can I get B ECO fuel tabs? › tabs/PLID90804220.

What is eco pill for car? ›

ECO Pill is the only solid fuel additive available for both diesel and gasoline engines. It's primarily a surfactant/dispersant product. What does it do? The ECO Pill will help you achieve better fuel efficiency, make your engine run cleaner, save you money and help you be kind to the planet.

What are solid fuel tablets made of? ›

These tablets are made of Hexamine, a safe clean burning fuel which is easy to ignite and smokeless. One tablet will burn 9 minutes.

Is it good to use fuel tabs? ›

They'll damage your car and mess with your warranty. Fuel tablets promising to save you money at the petrol station and reduce your consumption are ineffective.

Are fuel system cleaners worth it? ›

A clean fuel system can improve the longevity of your vehicle, increase power and performance, improve fuel economy and drive ability. Many of us tend to neglect cleaning our vehicle's fuel system, not realizing that this is actually a vital component to prolong the life of your car.

Does Eco chip work on diesel cars? ›

EcoOBD2 for Diesel Cars is powerful fuel optimization device that can be inserted into your vehicle's OBDII connector to reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption. Based on to your driving habits, Eco OBD2 creates a new map in the car's computer (ECU) to reduce fuel consumption.

What is the Ecochip? ›

ECOCHIP is a fuel-saving tool that can help correct these inefficiencies. ECOCHIP lets the car's owner pay only for the fuel they use. Every vehicle sold after 1996 has an electronic control unit (ECU). Your car's brain is the ECU. It provides diagnostic information and monitors vehicle performance.


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