Israel bombs Gaza for third day as death toll hits 31 (2023)

Israel bombs Gaza for third day as death toll hits 31 (1)

Smoke billows from a building struck during an Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, on Sunday.

Israel bombarded Islamic Jihad positions in the Gaza Strip for a third day on Sunday as violence escalated, with 31 Palestinians killed and militants firing their first rockets at Jerusalem.

Six children are among the dead since the conflict began Friday, while 275 people have been wounded, said health authorities in the enclave where several buildings were reduced to rubble.

The fighting is the worst in Gaza since an 11-day war last year devastated the impoverished coastal territory, home to some 2.3 million Palestinians, and forced Israelis to seek shelter from rockets.

Israel pressed on with an intense aerial and artillery bombardment of positions of Islamic Jihad, an Iran-backed group designated as a terrorist organisation by several Western nations, with the group firing hundreds of rockets in return since Friday.

‘I hear the bombing now,’ Muhammad Abu Salmiya, director general of the Shifa hospital in Gaza City, said. ‘Every minute we receive injured people.’

Salmiya said that medics were treating wounded people in a ‘very bad condition’, warning of dire shortages of drugs and fuel to run power generators.

The Israeli army has said the entire ‘senior leadership of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza has been neutralised’, and prime minister Yair Lapid vowed Sunday that ‘the operation will continue as long as necessary’.

Medics in Israel said two people have been hospitalised by shrapnel wounds stemming from rocket attacks.

Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has said Cairo was talking with both sides ‘around the clock’ to ease the violence.

In Gaza, run by the Islamist group Hamas, the health ministry said 31 people had been killed.

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Israel said it had ‘irrefutable’ evidence that a stray rocket fired by Islamic Jihad was responsible for the deaths of several children in Gaza’s northern Jabalia area on Saturday.

It was not immediately clear how many children were killed there, but an AFP photographer saw six dead bodies at the local hospital including three minors.

‘We came running to the place and found body parts lying on the ground... they were torn-apart children,’ said Muhammad Abu Sadaa, describing the devastation in Jabalia.

The army said it had struck 139 Islamic Jihad positions, with the militants firing 470 rockets that had crossed into Israel, while another 115 rockets fired from Gaza fell inside the enclave.

Al Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, said it had ‘fired rockets’ at Jerusalem for the first time in this round of violence.

Sirens wailed and explosions were heard as the army shot the projectiles down.

Amid the high tensions, Jews in Israel-annexed east Jerusalem marked the Tisha Be’av fasting day Sunday at the Al Aqsa mosque compound, known in Judaism as the Temple Mount.

Some Palestinians shouted ‘God is greatest’ in response, but commemorations passed off without major incident.

Israel has said it was necessary to launch a ‘pre-emptive’ operation Friday against Islamic Jihad, claiming the group was planning an imminent attack.

The army has killed senior leaders of Islamic Jihad in Gaza, including Taysir al-Jabari in Gaza City and Khaled Mansour in Rafah in the south.

Israel’s Lapid called the killing of Mansour an ‘extraordinary achievement’.

Daily life in the Gaza Strip has come to a standstill, with the sole power station shut down due to a lack of fuel after Israel closed its border crossings.

Gaza’s health ministry said Sunday it only had enough fuel for its power generators to last two days before vital services would be cut.

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The United Nations humanitarian agency OCHA has warned of the ‘severe risk’ to the ‘continuation of basic essential services’.

‘Each day we wake up to child and women martyrs... there is killing and wounding and people displaced,’ said Gaza City resident Abu Mohammed al-Madhoun, 56. ‘We hope that Israeli aggression will end’.

Civilians in southern and central Israel, meanwhile, were forced into air raid shelters, with two people hospitalised with shrapnel wounds and 13 others lightly hurt while running for safety, the Magen David Adom emergency service said.

‘It’s tense, it’s frightening,’ said Beverly Jamil, a resident of Ashkelon close to Gaza.

‘Ashkelon’s a ghost town — it’s a holiday, kids should be out playing.’

Meanwhile, Hamas’s response to the violence remains critical, with spokesman Fawzi Barhoum offering the group’s support to Islamic Jihad on Sunday, but stopping short of saying they would take part.

‘The resistance in all its military wings and factions are united in this battle,’ Barhoum said.

Islamic Jihad is aligned with Hamas but often acts independently. Hamas has fought four wars with Israel since seizing control of Gaza in 2007, including the conflict last May.

Gaza hospital chief warns of ‘crisis’ as supplies dwindle

Agence France-Presse . Gaza City

Gaza’s top hospital director warned on Sunday that medics are facing multiple crises amid deadly violence between Palestinian militants and Israel, with drugs and electricity supplies urgently needed to keep treating patients.

Muhammad Abu Salmiya said wounded people were arriving ‘every minute’ at Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

‘There is a crisis in medicine, a crisis in drugs, a crisis in electricity,’ said Salmiya, the hospital’s director general.

(Video) Hamas terror bases and weapons near civilian areas in the Gaza Strip

Thirty-one Gazans have been killed and 275 others wounded in fighting since Friday, when Israel fired on Islamic Jihad positions and the militant group retaliated by launching rockets across the frontier.

Gaza’s sole power plant shut down on Saturday due to a lack of fuel, four days after Israel closed its crossings with the territory citing security concerns.

‘The situation is very bad,’ said Salmiya. ‘We need urgently to open the borders to bring in drugs, (fuel for) electricity.’

Diesel for the power plant is usually trucked in from Egypt or Israel, which has maintained a blockade of the enclave since the militant group Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007.

The depleting electricity supply will see ‘a cessation of health services’ on Tuesday afternoon, as power generators are running out of fuel, Gaza’s health ministry projected.

Potentially life-saving facilities such as operating rooms and ventilators in hospitals need power to continue running.

There are also concerns that the fuel shortage across the Palestinian territory could affect ambulances, said the UN’s humanitarian agency OCHA.

A spokesperson for the Israeli military said there is ‘deep concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza’.

The enclave’s 2.3 million residents experience regular power shortages and last month received only an average of 11 hours of power per day, according to OCHA data.

The UN agency warned Saturday that without a boost to the electricity supply, Gaza will soon see ‘the reduction of water supply from the water wells and desalination plants’.

Ahad Ferwana, a Gaza resident, said people become sick when the water supply is interrupted.

The power cuts ‘affect all areas of life in Gaza Strip,’ he said.

‘It disrupts people’s lives especially under the intense heat that hits the region,’ he said.

(Video) GLOBALink | Israeli residents in towns bordering Gaza live under constant missile fire

‘That forces people to leave their homes, which puts their lives at risk because of the continued bombardment.’

Gaza death toll rises to 29, including six children: Palestinian ministry

Gaza City, Palestinian Territories | AFP | Sunday 8/7/2022 - 11:50 UTC+6 | 185 words

The death toll from violence in Gaza has risen to 29, including six children, the health ministry in the Palestinian enclave said Sunday, correcting a previous statement.

Earlier the ministry had put the number of people killed at 32, but a further ministry statement brought the number down to 29, including six children and four women.

The health ministry also said that 253 people in Gaza had been wounded since the hostilities with Israel broke out on Friday.

The violence is the worst in Gaza since a war last year that devastated the impoverished territory home to some 2.3 million Palestinians and forced countless Israelis to seek shelter from rockets.

Israel has said it was necessary to launch a ‘preemptive’ operation against Islamic Jihad, as the group had been planning an imminent attack following days of tensions along the border with Gaza.

Islamic Jihad is aligned with Hamas but often acts independently. Both are blacklisted as terrorist organisations by much of the West.

Hamas has fought four wars with Israel since seizing control of Gaza in 2007, including the conflict last May.


How many bombs did Palestine send to Israel? ›

According to Israeli authorities, 571 rockets and 205 mortar shells landed in Israel during the 22 days of the conflict.

Why did Israel attack Gaza? ›

The latest violence began with Israeli attacks on sites in the Gaza Strip, which its military said was in response to threats from a militant group called Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). It followed days of tensions after Israel arrested a senior PIJ member in the occupied West Bank.

How many killed in Gaza? ›

Since 2008, Israel has waged four wars on Palestinian territory killing nearly 4,000 people, many of them children.

How long has Israel been attacking Palestine? ›

The history of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. This conflict came from the intercommunal violence in Mandatory Palestine between Arabs and Jews from 1920, and erupted into full-scale hostilities in the 1947–48 civil war.

Why is Israel so powerful? ›

Israel's cutting-edge arsenal today makes the IDF a powerhouse in the Middle East. In addition to its sophisticated domestic product capabilities, the Jewish state's enhancements and modifications of foreign technology shape its military potential.

What guns do Hamas use? ›

Anti-Tank Missiles
  • Yasin RPG – used by Hamas.
  • al Bana RPG – used and developed by Hamas, in use by other factions.
  • al Batar RPG – used and developed by Hamas, in use by other factions.

Has Israel ever lost a war? ›

In the immediate aftermath of the Second Israel–Lebanon War, most ob- servers have concluded that Israel lost its war against Hezbollah.

Why did Britain give Palestine to Israel? ›

In 1917, in order to win Jewish support for Britain's First World War effort, the British Balfour Declaration promised the establishment of a Jewish national home in Ottoman-controlled Palestine.

Does Gaza belong to Israel? ›

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are territories that have been under Israel's occupation since 1967. A look at the issues surrounding the two regions.

How many Palestinians are there? ›

The estimated number of Palestinians at the end of 2021 was about 14 million: 5.3 million in the State of Palestine (3.2 million in the West Bank and 2.1 million in the Gaza Strip), 1.7 million in the 1948 territories, and nearly 7 million in the diaspora (6.3 million live in Arab countries and 750,000 in foreign ...

How safe is Israel? ›

Exercise increased caution in Israel due to terrorism and civil unrest. Exercise increased caution when traveling to the West Bank due to terrorism and civil unrest. Do not travel to Gaza due to terrorism, civil unrest, and armed conflict. Some areas have increased risk.

Is Gaza a country? ›

Gaza Strip, Arabic Qiṭāʿ Ghazzah, Hebrew Reẓuʿat ʿAzza, territory occupying 140 square miles (363 square km) along the Mediterranean Sea just northeast of the Sinai Peninsula. The Gaza Strip is unusual in being a densely settled area not recognized as a de jure part of any extant country.

Was Palestine a country before Israel? ›

Israel Becomes a State

In May 1948, less than a year after the Partition Plan for Palestine was introduced, Britain withdrew from Palestine and Israel declared itself an independent state, implying a willingness to implement the Partition Plan.

What was Israel before 1948? ›

In 1517, the Ottoman Empire conquered the region, ruling it until the British conquered it in 1917. The region was ruled under the British Mandate for Palestine until 1948, when the Jewish State of Israel was proclaimed in part of the ancient land of Israel.

Is Jerusalem in Israel or Palestine? ›

Jerusalem is a city that straddles the border between Israel and the West Bank. It's home to some of the holiest sites in both Judaism and Islam, and so both Israel and Palestine want to make it their capital.

How many missiles were fired at Israel? ›

Between 10-18 May, during the 2021 Israel–Palestine crisis, more than 4,340 rockets were fired toward Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Jerusalem and other communities. Ten Israelis were killed. More than 90% of the rockets heading toward populated areas were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

Who is firing rockets at Israel? ›

Rockets fired by Palestinian militants toward Israel, in Gaza City, on Friday. Palestinian officials say Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have killed at least 15 people. In one of the strikes, fighter jets dropped two bombs on the house of an Islamic Jihad member after Israel warned people to evacuate the area.

What kind of rockets are being fired at Israel? ›

More generally, all types of Palestinian rockets fired into southern Israel, for example the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Al Quds rockets, are called Qassams by the Israeli media, and often by foreign media.
Qassam rocket.
Operational rangeQassam 1: 5 km; Qassam 2:12 km; Qassam 3: 16 km
17 more rows

How effective is the Iron Dome? ›

The Iron Dome missile defense system has achieved a 97 percent success rate intercepting incoming rockets, amid almost non-stop barrages launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group since Friday, the Israel Defense Forces said Sunday.


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