Michelin Pilot Super Sport VS Continental Sport Contact 6 (2023)

We test the dominent Michelin Pilot Super Sport against the new boy to the max performance tyre segment, the Continental Sport Contact 6!

Watch our video review, or read our testing notes below!

Testing Notes

Test Summary
Best tyre for dry roadsMichelin Pilot Super Sport
Continental Sport Contact 6
Best tyre for wet roadsContinental Sport Contact 6
The most comfortableContinental Sport Contact 6
The best dry handlingMichelin Pilot Super Sport
The quietest tyreContinental Sport Contact 6


Looks are entirely subjective, but we prefer the Michelin. It has a nicer tread pattern and more profiled sidewall angle as it sits on the rim. The Continental sidewall is a thing of beautythough.

(Video) Michelin Pilot Super Sport vs Continental SportContact 6

Steering Feel

The Conti is slightly lighter to steer, perhaps a little more dead in the center of the steering but turns slightly quicker. You get more feel and feedback through the Michelin, but the Conti is more comfortable as a result.

Traction and Braking

The Conti seems to have the advantage in both the dry and wet, in braking and traction. The braking is especially stunning in the dry. Traction you feel the diff having to do less work with the Conti, and the traction control is less invasive. The margin is larger in the wet where the Conti has the clear advantage.

Cornering Grip / Balance

(Video) Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Continental Sport Contact 6 on our Audi R8 GT Spyder - a tough choice?!

Under cornering the advantage switches back to Michelin. Outright grip levels seem broadly similar, and the Michelin even has slightly more understeer than the Continental, but the extra steering feel the SuperSport provides gives you more predictability and confidence around, and past the limit, meaning you extract more from the tyre. The Continentals balance can switch betweenneutraland oversteer on the M3, and gives you less feedback which makes it slightly harder to control when flat out, but still an excellent tyre.

NVH (noise, vibration and harshness)

As mentioned earlier, the Contis have a slight comfort advantage, crashing less over road imperfections and pot holes. One interesting result was the internal noise test, both the Michelin and Continental measured near identical results, but the noise the Conti produces is a slightly lower frequency which makes it easier on the ear on most surfaces.


We were not able to make anyobjective wear data, but looking at tyre tests, user reviews and looking at how our tyres have been wearing, this is still one area the Michelin will have anoticeableadvantage in.

(Video) Michelin Pilot Sport 4 vs Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 vs Continental PremiumContact 6 - Tested


This is an incredibly difficult conclusion, these are the two of the most focused performance road tyres on the market. From our testing, if you ignore wear, the Continental is objectively the better overall tyre, it is stronger under traction and braking, offers similar cornering grip and is more comfortable than the Michelin. The margin is incredibly slim, but real.

The interesting part of the conclusion is when we choose a tyre to leave on this car now the test is over... and the answer is the Michelin. It might not have quite the overall grip of the Continental, but on this car, in these sizes, for the driving requirements and style, the Michelin is better subjectively due to having the nicer steering feel and balance.

With the margins in outright objective performance so close between all the best maximum performance tyres on the market, it's often the subjective aspect of tyres which will make a bigger difference to your day to day driving.

Had the vehicle been an AudiRS6 with the priority more comfort and safety bias, the Continental would have likely won. But for this M3, the Michelin just about takes it.

(Video) Michelin vs Bridgestone vs Continental vs Goodyear vs Hankook vs Yokohama - What's the BEST Tire?

View Results as a single table and adjust the score weighting

1st: Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin Pilot Super Sport VS Continental Sport Contact 6 (1)
  • 255/35 R19
  1. Total: 480
  2. Dry: 95
  3. Wet: 95
  4. Subjective: 100
  5. Comfort: 95
  6. Noise: 95
Read Reviews Buy from £168.89

2nd: Continental Sport Contact 6

Michelin Pilot Super Sport VS Continental Sport Contact 6 (2)
  • 255/35 R19
  1. Total: 480
  2. Dry: 95
  3. Wet: 100
  4. Subjective: 85
  5. Comfort: 100
  6. Noise: 100
Read Reviews Buy from £142.79

Published at September 20th, 2016, 3:36 pm, by Jonathan Benson.
Filed under: Long term tyre tests, Group tyre tests

(Video) EXCLUSIVE! Michelin Pilot Sport 5 vs Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Yokohama & More!


What tires do you prefer Michelin or Continental? ›

The Michelin performed well in most weather tests, offers a comfortable, quiet ride and has low rolling resistance. The Continental was impressive in the wet-braking test and has a good balance of all-weather performance and tread life.

Is Continental as good as Michelin? ›

Continental Truecontact is one of the market leaders in wet traction, while Michelin Defender tires are commendable on dry roads. They are both usable in light snow. They both have noise reduction ability, but TrueContact has a slight edge in overall comfort. Both brands are usable in light snow.

What is the successor to Michelin Pilot Super Sport? ›

Consumers are surprised that Michelin Pilot Sport 4s is a replacement for Pilot Super Sport. Therefore, its features naturally cover the improvement points of the previous tires in the Pilot Sports line. Notably, consumer feedback concentrates on braking, wet traction, and tread life.

How many miles do Michelin Pilot Super Sports last? ›

The answer is around 40,000-85,000 miles. The Pilot Sport 4S is a tire specialized for summer, so it will be on the lower end of this range. Aside from the make of the tire, the following factors could also affect your tire's tread life.

What tire is better than Michelin? ›

Bridgestone and Michelin tires are the best of the best, and both are at the top regarding performance. The only noticeable difference between Michelin and Bridgestone cars is their performance on dry roads.

What are the disadvantages of Michelin tires? ›

Michelin's main disadvantage is its high cost. If money is no object, Michelin beats nearly all tire brands in providing a safe, quiet and comfortable ride in all weather conditions.

Does Continental make the best tires? ›

Continental Tires Buying Guide. Continental tires are among the best in the industry, but the wrong tire for your car or situation won't offer optimal performance and safety – no matter how high-quality it is.

Is Michelin the best tire in the world? ›

Michelin is near or at the top of most tested tire categories. Typically, Michelin models offer a good mix of grip, handling, and long tread life. And even though Michelins are often among the most expensive models, they tend to be a good value when factoring in performance and tread life.

What is special about Continental tires? ›

Wet Grip Performance: Continental uses a special rubber compound in its tires, designed primarily for use in wet weather. High-speed Stability: Its unique design and engineering reduce rolling friction and improve steering response. Savings on fuel consumption are estimated to be around 8%.

Are pilot super sports worth it? ›

If you're very performance oriented and have the means, the answer is that yes, it's probably worth it to invest the money. If you don't track your car, they'll last you several years and are a critical component for handling, braking, ride comfort, and more.

When did Michelin Pilot Super Sport come out? ›

Pilot Super Sport

Formerly the jewel of Michelin's Pilot Sport crown, this 4s predecessor is still popular for many reasons. It has come as the original equipment tire on several high performance vehicles since its debut in 2011 and has many endurance race wins, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

What is the top speed of pilot super sport? ›

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is Y rated, which means it is good up for speeds up to 186 miles per hour.

How many years do Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires last? ›

Michelin tires last between 45,000-85,000 miles or 72,400-136,800 km. In detail, how long do Michelin tires last? Its lifespan is about 5-10 years. A number that's been specified by the Michelin tire age recommendation.

What is the highest mileage Michelin tire? ›

Michelin CrossClimate 2

What is this? Michelin CrossClimate 2 has the highest mileage among the other all season contenders with a staggering 85,000 miles which is 10,000 miles ahead of any other competitor in this segment.

How long do Continental tires last? ›

Mileage Warranty
S & T Rated65000105000
H & V Rated5000080000
LT Sizes5000080000
CrossContact LX2070000112000
40 more rows
Feb 1, 2015

What tire brand is the best for all seasons? ›

Comparison of the best all-season tires for 2022
Best all-season tires overallMichelin CrossClimate2
Best all-season tires overall runner-upContinental PureContact LS
Best all-season tires if money is no objectMichelin Primacy Tour A/S
Best all-season tires for the moneyYokohama Avid Ascend GT
11 more rows
Sep 26, 2022

What rank is Michelin tires? ›

“We aim to create the best experience for all types of drivers, so it's exciting and humbling for Michelin to earn our 98th and 99th J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction in the tire category,” said Katelyn Berry, vice president of marketing for Michelin North America, Inc.'s business to consumer products.

Why is Michelin the best tire brand? ›

Within the industry, Michelin tires are known for their top-tier standards, rigorous testing, innovation, and long treadwear warranties – mileage limits reach 100,000 miles for certain models. Michelin is also one of the few manufacturers to offer a treadwear warranty for its winter tires, according to Edmunds.com.

Can Michelin tires last 10 years? ›

Ten years is a maximum

If the tires haven't been replaced 10 years after their date of manufacture, as a precaution, Michelin recommends replacing them with new tires. Even if they appear to be in usable condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator. This applies to spare tires as well.

Do Michelin tires save gas? ›

Best for Handling and Braking

Low rolling resistance tires help save fuel but are also controversial about grip. Fortunately, the Michelin Defender T+H has resolved these contradictions quite well. This ultimate fuel-efficient tire has excellent handling and braking performance under all circumstances.

What tires have the least road noise? ›

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Quiet Tires for a Refined Ride Available in 2023
  • Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack. ...
  • Continental PureContact LS. ...
  • Michelin CrossClimate 2. ...
  • Michelin Premier LTX. ...
  • Michelin Defender LTX M/S. ...
  • Continental TerrainContact H/T. ...
  • Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015. ...
  • Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus.

Are Continental and Michelin tires the same? ›

The Michelin tire has H and V speed ratings, while the Continental tire is rated for T, H and V. While the French brand's tire is suitable for a wider range of cars, both brands offer an excellent model that performs well in summer and winter and delivers a safe ride on the road.

What tires get the most wear? ›

Front tyres tend to wear faster, up to 2.5 times faster on some cars. The left front tyre has it the hardest. It is the most heavily loaded and responsible for transmitting most of the steering during right hand turns.

Are Michelin tires made in China? ›

Are Any Michelin Tires Made in China? Yes. The Michelin Group has a large presence in China that began in 1989. The company's Chinese manufacturing facilities are in Shenyang and Shanghai provinces.

What tire brand is made by Michelin? ›

In addition to the Michelin brand, it also owns the Kléber tyres company, Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company, SASCAR, Bookatable and Camso brands.

Does tire brand make a difference? ›

Higher-quality tires tend to offer a more comfortable driving experience. They are designed to better absorb the bumps and shocks along the road. The ride is much smoother with a higher-quality tire. Of course, with that higher quality often comes a higher price tag.

Are Continental tires a premium brand? ›

Tire brands

Continental, our premium brand, enjoys a leading position in the original equipment and replacement business.

Are Continental tyres hard wearing? ›

Yes. The hard-wearing Continental Urban and Touring tyres are equipped with features that make them a perfect all-round option for both the demands of daily commuting and multi-day tours. The highly durable compounds combine with exceptional puncture protection and comfort to deliver a safe and smooth ride.

What is an alternative to Continental tires? ›

Continental's competitors
  • Continental.
  • Valeo.
  • Bosch.
  • Michelin.
  • Hyundai Mobis.

Is Michelin Pilot Super Sport a run flat? ›

The Pilot Super Sport ZP (Zero Pessure) is Michelin's Max Performance Summer run-flat tire originally developed for C7 Chevrolet Corvette, which was introduced for the 2014 model year.

What is difference between pilot super sport and 4S? ›

Summary. Overall, Pilot Sport 4S showed a very tiny advantage in dry, comfort & tread wear while Pilot Super Sport holds its ground in wet performances. Both tires are still excellent max performance summer tire but from our point of view, Pilot Sport 4S is the winner of this battle ! What is this?

Where are Michelin Pilot Sport tires made? ›

The MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport A/S3+ tire is designed, engineered and manufactured in North America.

What is the minimum temperature for Michelin Pilot Super Sport? ›

This tire has reduced capability below 5°C (40°F) and it is recommended that suitable winter tires be fitted below this temperature. Avoid driving, moving, or test-driving Corvettes equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP tires below -7°C (20°F) as operating at these temperatures can cause damage to the tires.

Will there be a Michelin Pilot Sport 5s? ›

Harness the true power of your ride with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport S 5 summer tyre, equipped with Dynamic Response Technology to deliver ultra-responsive handling.

When did Michelin come to SC? ›

Michelin came to South Carolina in the mid-1970s as a part of its massive campaign to expand its North American market share. As the American demand for the Michelin-developed radial tires grew, the company expanded rapidly.

What pilot has gone the fastest? ›

On October 14, 1947, former US Air Force pilot General Charles E Yeager, popularly known as Chuck Yeager, became the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound aboard the rocket-powered Bell X-1 aircraft that was painted orange and resembled a 50-caliber machine gun bullet.

What is the fastest a pilot has ejected? ›

In the early 1960s, deployment of rocket-powered ejection seats designed for use at supersonic speeds began in such planes as the Convair F-106 Delta Dart. Six pilots have ejected at speeds exceeding 700 knots (1,300 km/h; 810 mph).

What pilot flew the fastest? ›

Brigadier General Charles Elwood Yeager (/ˈjeɪɡər/ YAY-gər, February 13, 1923 – December 7, 2020) was a United States Air Force officer, flying ace, and record-setting test pilot who in October 1947 became the first pilot in history confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight.

How long does it take to break in Michelin tires? ›

How do I break in new tires? Focus on easy, gentle driving – smooth acceleration, braking, and cornering – for the first 500 miles. This will safely prep your tires for regular performance. After this amount of use, lubricants and other substances used in the manufacturing process will have completely worn off.

How often should you rotate your tires? ›

Namely, it's a best practice to rotate tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or so. This is a rule of thumb, however, and you'll want to double-check with your vehicle's owner's manual for more specific information.

What tires last 80000 miles? ›

Tread-life testing some tires last much longer. "Michelin was a standout. The three models we tested all met or exceeded their mileage warranty and came in with a projected tread life of 80,000 miles or more," said Rechtin. The longest lasting tires in Consumer Reports' tests are the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus.

What does LTX mean on Michelin tires? ›

What does LTX stand for Michelin? The LTX on Michelin tires means that these designs are suited for SUVs and light trucks.

What tires have 80 000 mile warranty? ›

With the safety you expect. Designed for the doers, Michelin's longest-lasting tire keeps you on the go longer --because life never stops moving. Supported by the Michelin Promise Plan of a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, roadside assistance, and a 80,000-mileage warranty.

Is Michelin better than Continental? ›

Continental Truecontact is one of the market leaders in wet traction, while Michelin Defender tires are commendable on dry roads. They are both usable in light snow. They both have noise reduction ability, but TrueContact has a slight edge in overall comfort. Both brands are usable in light snow.

How long do Continental bike tires last? ›

The conventional wisdom is that your road bike tires last anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 miles. High-end (more expensive) tires should last at least 2,500 miles.

Are Continental tires being recalled? ›

Continental Tire Recalls Three Products Due Possibility of Being Overcured. December 9, 2022 - Continental Tire the Americas, LLC (Continental Tire) is recalling certain 4x4 Contact, size 255/55R19 111V XL, PureContact LS, size 215/60R16 95V, and TerrainContact H/T, size 255/55R20 107H tires.

Which tire gets the most wear? ›

Front tyres tend to wear faster, up to 2.5 times faster on some cars. The left front tyre has it the hardest. It is the most heavily loaded and responsible for transmitting most of the steering during right hand turns.

Is Continental Tire Made in China? ›

Other Countries Where Continental Tyres Are Manufactured

The leading factories are in Germany, the United States, China and Brazil. However, Continental also has several smaller factories in other countries, including Brazil, India, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

What is the lifespan of Continental tires? ›

Together with other members of the tire and automotive industries, Continental advises that all tires (including spare tires) made more than ten years ago should be removed from service and replaced with new tires.

How many miles will Continental tires last? ›

Mileage Warranty
S & T Rated80000128000
H Rated6000096000
V & W Rated4000064000
ExtremeContact DWS065000080000
40 more rows
Feb 1, 2015

Who are competitors of Continental tires? ›

Continental's competitors and similar companies include Valeo, Bosch, Michelin and Exxelia.

Are Continental tyres quiet? ›

Nine decibels – that is how much our ContiSilent™ can reduce the sound of road noise inside your car. An inner tyre absorber, made of polyurethane foam, is attached to the inner surface of the tyre tread, to cushion the road.

What is a tires biggest enemy? ›

One of the biggest threats to your tires is extreme heat. There are a variety of factors that can cause heat to build up around the tires, including increased air and road surface temperatures, improperly inflated tires, and overloading and unsafe driving habits such as excessive speed and hard braking.

What wears out tires the fastest? ›

San Francisco Automotive Solutions
  1. Wheel Alignment. This is the most common culprit when it comes to tires wearing out unevenly. ...
  2. Tire Rotation. ...
  3. Driving Habits. ...
  4. Brake System. ...
  5. Suspension System. ...
  6. Power Steering.
May 21, 2019

Do tires wear more on the front or rear? ›

Under normal driving circumstances with a front-wheel drive vehicle (passenger cars, minivans, etc.), the front tires will wear at a slightly higher rate than the rear tires.


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