Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (2023)

Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (1)

Michelin vs Continental: Michelin and Continental are both well known brands in the tire industry. Based on the 2022 world wide sales ranking, Michelin is the highest revenue tire manufacturer (€23.7 billion) while Continental ranks 4th with over €11.8 billion in tire sales. Michelin is currently the de-facto technology leader as they have showcased over the years with multiple award winning products while Continental has also been quite competitive in the recent years with their own range of products. Instead of having a general outlook of comparison, we will stack the same segment products and compare them head to head.

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Ultra Ultra High Performance (UUHP)

Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (2)

Sport Contact 7 was the new flagship UUHP tireline from Continental which was introduced in 2021 while Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S is relatively “old guard” and has been around since 2017. With the latest updated technology, Sport Contact 7 truly reveals its strong performance in both wet and dry criteria. Being a relatively old tire, Pilot Sport 4S managed to hold its ground in terms of aquaplaning , noise/comfort & rolling resistance. Overall from our point of view the clear winner is theSport Contact 7with its strong wet braking performance!

  • Sport Contact 7
    • Launch: 2021
    • Press test wins: 2/3
    • Strength: Best in class in wet & dry
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  • Pilot Sport 4S
    • Launch: 2016
    • Press test wins: 8/15
    • Strength: Excellent dry handling maestro and very well overall balance performance.

Ultra High Performance (UUHP)

Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (3)

With its newest updated package, Pilot Sport 5 was able to show a great dominance in dry braking, wet handling, noise/comfort & rolling resistance. The only strong points for Premium Contact 6 was in wet braking and dry handling. Overall from our point of view, Pilot Sport 5 is the clear winner !

  • Premium Contact 6
    • Launch: 2016
    • Press test wins: 18/47
    • Strength: Strong in wet braking & dry handling.
  • Pilot Sport 5
    • Launch: 2022
    • Press test wins: 1/1
      • Strength: Excellent wet handling & comfort. Competitive wet & dry braking.


In this segment we have Michelin’s Primacy 4+ which was launched in 2022 to replace the highly successful Primacy 4. However as the tire is relatively new, there are no new test results yet. Its main rival in the segment would also be Premium Contact 6 as Continental’s touring/UHP segment is a “grey” zone area. To relive how well Primacy 4 performed over the years, be sure to check out our 2021 press test review for this tireline ! We will update this section in 2023 once we get concrete results of how well Primacy 4+ performs.


Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (4)

Michelin has always been the leader in terms of innovation and was the first to launch a dedicated electric vehicle tireline called e.Primacy in 2020 while boasting to be the first carbon neutral tire out there in the market. As the eco segment has a big focus on rolling resistance, the drawbacks can be clearly seen as both tires choose different compromises. The e.Primacy shines with the lowest rolling resistance values & better dry braking but comes with a 6.1mm tread depth. Eco Contact 6 on the other hand comes with a tread depth of 6.7mm while being strong in wet & noise. From our point of view, there is no clear winner in this case as there is no clear tire with an overall advantage. If you are an electric car owner, the trade off between having a slightly longer range vs wet performances should be properly evaluated when choosing between these 2 tires.

  • e.Primacy
    • Launch: 2020
    • Press test wins: 0/1
    • Strength: Very good rolling resistance.
  • Eco Contact 6
    • Launch: 2018
    • Press test wins: 1/9
    • Strength: Excellent wet braking & subjective noise.
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All Season

Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (5)

Michelin once again shows its innovation by revolutionizing the all season segment with its highly successful 3 peak mountain certified Cross Climate in 2015. At that time, all season markets were predominantly sold in America with poor winter performances. Cross Climate showed that it is possible to be marginally worse in summer performances while being extremely dominant in winter performances. After the initial success of Cross Climate, every tire manufacturer scramble to launch their own similar segment products but non still as well balanced as the latest Cross Climate 2 !

  • AllSeasonContact
    • Launch: 2017
    • Press test wins: 7/28
    • Strength: Excellent hydroplaning resistance


Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (6)

TS870 is the successor of the highly successful TS860 from Continental which ruled the European winter circuit for a good period of time. Against Alpin 6, it showed tremendous snow braking, aquaplaning, wear and rolling resistance. Based on the test results, WinterContact TS 870 is definitely the winner of this duo !

  • WinterContact TS 870
    • Launch: 2020
    • Press test wins: 4/8
    • Strength: Strong in wet, wear & snow braking.
  • Alpin 6
    • Launch: 2017
    • Press test wins:0/25
    • Strength: Good snow traction and dry braking.
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Michelin vs Continental Tires 2023 (7)

Continental’s Viking Contact 7 is an absolute legend. With an impressive overall win rate of over 90% , this tire just dominates the competition. Based on the test results, Viking Contact 7 clearly dominates in the winter category of ice & snow. This is usually the main objective of a Nordic tire which is to perform the best during cold weather conditions. The X-Ice Snow was strong in rolling resistance and aquaplaning while weak in noise & comfort. It also comes 5% cheaper than Viking Contact 7. Overall the clear performance winner is the Viking Contact 7!

  • Viking Contact 7
    • Launch: 2018
    • Press test wins: 24/27
    • Strength: Strong in ice & snow
  • X-Ice Snow
    • Launch: 2020
    • Press test wins:0/25
    • Strength: Good aquaplaning & rolling resistance.


Overall, both Michelin & Continental showed they are capable of making outstanding tires. There is no such general rule that who is better and it all boils down to the tire segment of interest. One thing we know for sure: Michelin & Continental certainly know how to make good tires !

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What tires do you prefer Michelin or Continental? ›

The Michelin performed well in most weather tests, offers a comfortable, quiet ride and has low rolling resistance. The Continental was impressive in the wet-braking test and has a good balance of all-weather performance and tread life.

What tire is better than Michelin? ›

Bridgestone and Michelin tires are the best of the best, and both are at the top regarding performance. The only noticeable difference between Michelin and Bridgestone cars is their performance on dry roads.

What are the disadvantages of Michelin tires? ›

Michelin's main disadvantage is its high cost. If money is no object, Michelin beats nearly all tire brands in providing a safe, quiet and comfortable ride in all weather conditions.

Are Continental and Michelin tires the same? ›

The Michelin tire has H and V speed ratings, while the Continental tire is rated for T, H and V. While the French brand's tire is suitable for a wider range of cars, both brands offer an excellent model that performs well in summer and winter and delivers a safe ride on the road.

Is Continental as good as Michelin? ›

Continental Truecontact is one of the market leaders in wet traction, while Michelin Defender tires are commendable on dry roads. They are both usable in light snow. They both have noise reduction ability, but TrueContact has a slight edge in overall comfort. Both brands are usable in light snow.

Does Continental make the best tires? ›

Continental Tires Buying Guide. Continental tires are among the best in the industry, but the wrong tire for your car or situation won't offer optimal performance and safety – no matter how high-quality it is.

What tire brand is the best for all seasons? ›

Comparison of the best all-season tires for 2022
Best all-season tires overallMichelin CrossClimate2
Best all-season tires overall runner-upContinental PureContact LS
Best all-season tires if money is no objectMichelin Primacy Tour A/S
Best all-season tires for the moneyYokohama Avid Ascend GT
11 more rows
Sep 26, 2022

Is Michelin the best tire in the world? ›

Michelin is near or at the top of most tested tire categories. Typically, Michelin models offer a good mix of grip, handling, and long tread life. And even though Michelins are often among the most expensive models, they tend to be a good value when factoring in performance and tread life.

Are Michelin tires the beat? ›

Within the industry, Michelin tires are known for their top-tier standards, rigorous testing, innovation, and long treadwear warranties – mileage limits reach 100,000 miles for certain models.

How long do Michelin tires normally last? ›

Ten years is a maximum

If the tires haven't been replaced 10 years after their date of manufacture, as a precaution, Michelin recommends replacing them with new tires. Even if they appear to be in usable condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator.

How many miles should Michelin tires last? ›

Michelin tires last between 45,000-85,000 miles or 72,400-136,800 km. In detail, how long do Michelin tires last? Its lifespan is about 5-10 years. A number that's been specified by the Michelin tire age recommendation.

Why choose Michelin tires? ›

Michelin Tires are More Efficient

The less rolling resistance a tire has, the higher its efficiency. Being more efficient means getting better gas mileage, which essentially means paying less at the pump. Michelin's line of tires aims to reduce weight, improve contact with the road, and lower rolling resistance.

What is special about Continental tires? ›

Wet Grip Performance: Continental uses a special rubber compound in its tires, designed primarily for use in wet weather. High-speed Stability: Its unique design and engineering reduce rolling friction and improve steering response. Savings on fuel consumption are estimated to be around 8%.

What rank is Michelin tires? ›

“We aim to create the best experience for all types of drivers, so it's exciting and humbling for Michelin to earn our 98th and 99th J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction in the tire category,” said Katelyn Berry, vice president of marketing for Michelin North America, Inc.'s business to consumer products.

Are Continental tires a premium brand? ›

Tire brands

Continental, our premium brand, enjoys a leading position in the original equipment and replacement business.

Is Continental tire Made in China? ›

Other Countries Where Continental Tyres Are Manufactured

The leading factories are in Germany, the United States, China and Brazil. However, Continental also has several smaller factories in other countries, including Brazil, India, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

Who are Michelin top competitors? ›

Michelin competitors include Bridgestone Americas, Continental, Goodyear and Pirelli & C.. Michelin ranks 1st in Overall Culture Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Are Continental tires good in snow? ›

Continental all-season tires are designed to offer impressive grip on both summer and winter roads and good braking performance on dry and wet roads.

How long do Continental tires last? ›

Mileage Warranty
S & T Rated65000105000
H & V Rated5000080000
LT Sizes5000080000
CrossContact LX2070000112000
40 more rows
Feb 1, 2015

What tires get the most wear? ›

Front tyres tend to wear faster, up to 2.5 times faster on some cars. The left front tyre has it the hardest. It is the most heavily loaded and responsible for transmitting most of the steering during right hand turns.

Should I get all-season or all weather tires? ›

All-Weather tires perform well in both summer and winter seasons. But all-weather tires are better than all-season tires in the winter. All-weather tires carry the 3 peak mountain snowflake symbol and all-season tires typically do not. NOTE: All-weather tires still do not perform as well in winter as winter tires.

What is the disadvantage of all-season tires? ›

Speaking of the disadvantages of all-season tires, it is worth noting the following nuances: They are constantly used, and therefore they are worn out. And in the heat or frost, such a tire will have to be changed every 6-7 months. If the summer turns out to be too hot, the combined rubber just melts.

How much should I spend on tires? ›

The general pricing for inexpensive tires will be $50 to $150 each, $100 to $300 each for moderately priced tires, and $300 to $1000 each for high-end. Based on the median price of tires in the United States, you can expect to spend a little over $600 for a set of 4 new tires, not including the price of installation.

Are Michelin tires made in China? ›

Are Any Michelin Tires Made in China? Yes. The Michelin Group has a large presence in China that began in 1989. The company's Chinese manufacturing facilities are in Shenyang and Shanghai provinces.

What tires have the least road noise? ›

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Quiet Tires for a Refined Ride Available in 2023
  • Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack. ...
  • Continental PureContact LS. ...
  • Michelin CrossClimate 2. ...
  • Michelin Premier LTX. ...
  • Michelin Defender LTX M/S. ...
  • Continental TerrainContact H/T. ...
  • Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015. ...
  • Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus.

Who builds Michelin tires? ›

The Michelin Group is a global company headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Founded in 1889, the Michelin Group provides tyres to over 170 countries. The Michelin Group makes tyres locally for your specific needs and road conditions in one of our 69 production facilities around the world.

What is the highest mileage Michelin tire? ›

Michelin CrossClimate 2

What is this? Michelin CrossClimate 2 has the highest mileage among the other all season contenders with a staggering 85,000 miles which is 10,000 miles ahead of any other competitor in this segment.

Are Michelin tires good in snow? ›

If you want to make certain your ride can confidently roll through ice and snow without compromising your comfort or even your vehicle's performance, then a set of Michelin winter tires may just be the way to go. You're probably already pretty well familiar with the name Michelin.

Do Michelin tires save gas? ›

Best for Handling and Braking

Low rolling resistance tires help save fuel but are also controversial about grip. Fortunately, the Michelin Defender T+H has resolved these contradictions quite well. This ultimate fuel-efficient tire has excellent handling and braking performance under all circumstances.

Does Michelin make cheap tires? ›

Michelin's strong industry reputation, variety of available tires, affordable pricing, and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews make purchasing Michelin tires a smart choice.

Do you need to break in new tires Michelin? ›

Just like a new pair of shoes, your tires need to be broken in. Your tires are comprised of many layers of rubber, steel and fabric. Because of these different components, new tires require a break-in period to ensure maximum performance and ride quality.

How often should you get new tires? ›

As a general rule, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that drivers change the tires on their vehicles every six years.

How many miles is Michelin warranty? ›

Michelin offers exceptional treadlife/mileage warranties on many of their tires. The Michelin Defender, for example, is warrantied up to 90,000 miles. This means if the tire tread expires (less than 2/32-inch) before the treadlife/mileage warranty is reached, Michelin will offer you a credit toward a new set of tires.

How long does it take to break in Michelin tires? ›

How do I break in new tires? Focus on easy, gentle driving – smooth acceleration, braking, and cornering – for the first 500 miles. This will safely prep your tires for regular performance. After this amount of use, lubricants and other substances used in the manufacturing process will have completely worn off.

What is the most expensive tire brand? ›

1. LeTourneau L-2350 front-loader Tyres. The tyres on this gigantic front loader are THE most expensive tyres in the world. 4m in diameter, with a tyre size of 1.8 in width and 6.8 tonnes in weight, these black beasts cost a whopping $63,000 each!

Are Michelin tires made in the USA? ›

The main Michelin factory and head office are located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The company has tires made in 26 countries, including tires made in USA. This shows that many countries can be named when answering, “where are Michelin tires made?”

Where are Michelin tires made? ›

Michelin produces tyres in France, Serbia, Poland, Spain, Germany, the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, India, Italy and several other countries. On 15 January 2010, Michelin announced the closing of its Ota, Japan plant, which employs 380 workers and makes the Michelin X-Ice tyre.

What is an alternative to Continental tires? ›

Continental's competitors
  • Continental.
  • Valeo.
  • Bosch.
  • Michelin.
  • Hyundai Mobis.

Are Continental tyres quiet? ›

Nine decibels – that is how much our ContiSilent™ can reduce the sound of road noise inside your car. An inner tyre absorber, made of polyurethane foam, is attached to the inner surface of the tyre tread, to cushion the road.

Are Continental tyres hard wearing? ›

Yes. The hard-wearing Continental Urban and Touring tyres are equipped with features that make them a perfect all-round option for both the demands of daily commuting and multi-day tours. The highly durable compounds combine with exceptional puncture protection and comfort to deliver a safe and smooth ride.

Who sells the most tires in the US? ›

Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturer in the United States, followed by Cooper Tires, and the second-largest tire manufacturer in North America.
The Largest Tire Manufacturers in the World. (Based on 2021 Revenue)
#4GoodyearUnited States
2 more rows

Is Michelin a Tier 1 company? ›

We had some of the big consulting companies work on it, so they [provided their version of] a tier system,” explains Srivastava of CEAT. “Tier One is like Bridgestone and Michelin, based on big brands, big price and big presence.

What is the market position of Michelin? ›

Market cap: $21.27 Billion

As of May 2023 Michelin has a market cap of $21.27 Billion. This makes Michelin the world's 813th most valuable company by market cap according to our data.

Who builds Continental tires? ›

Continental AG, commonly known as Continental or colloquially as Conti, is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company specializing in tires, brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis components, tachographs, and other parts for the automotive and transportation ...

Why are Continental Tyres so expensive? ›

Continental tires are expensive because of the amount of money and effort that goes into the research of their constituent materials. First, chemists find the ideal rubber compound for production.

What country owns Continental tires? ›

Since its foundation, the Germany-based company Continental has continued to grow - and so has the Business Unit Commercial Vehicle Tires. Foundation of the Continental–Caoutchouc & Gutta-Percha-Compagnie.

Which tire gets the most wear? ›

Front tyres tend to wear faster, up to 2.5 times faster on some cars. The left front tyre has it the hardest. It is the most heavily loaded and responsible for transmitting most of the steering during right hand turns.

Which tires matter the most? ›

Rear tires provide the vehicle stability, and if they have little tread, then stability is lost. Although new front tires will spread water and maintain traction, worn tires in the back will hydroplane and may cause the vehicle to spin out, says Tire Review.

How many miles should Continental tires last? ›

Mileage Warranty
S & T Rated80000128000
H Rated6000096000
V & W Rated4000064000
ExtremeContact DWS065000080000
40 more rows
Feb 1, 2015

Who is Continental tires made by? ›

Continental AG, commonly known as Continental or colloquially as Conti, is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company specializing in tires, brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis components, tachographs, and other parts for the automotive and transportation ...

What is a tires biggest enemy? ›

One of the biggest threats to your tires is extreme heat. There are a variety of factors that can cause heat to build up around the tires, including increased air and road surface temperatures, improperly inflated tires, and overloading and unsafe driving habits such as excessive speed and hard braking.

Which tire gets the least wear? ›

Under normal driving circumstances with a front-wheel drive vehicle (passenger cars, minivans, etc.), the front tires will wear at a slightly higher rate than the rear tires.

Which tires waste faster? ›

However, your new tires should be of the same make and model as the ones already on the car, which means if those tires are no longer available for whatever reason you should replace all four. Front tires wear out faster than rear ones on modern front wheel drive vehicles.

Is it best to have all 4 tires the same? ›

It's always best to replace all 4 tires at the same time. This is because all 4 tires spin independently of one another, and different tread depths and/or styles can cause them to spin at different speeds. That could potentially damage the drive train, and possibly affect an indirect TPMS system if the vehicle has one.

Do tire brands really make a difference? ›

A name brand typically becomes a name brand because it has developed a reputation for high quality. In most cases, you can trust that buying a name brand will result in you getting a high-quality tire that will give you great performance and will last for many years.

What is better than all season tires? ›

Winter tires (also called snow tires) provide better traction in snow, on ice and in cold temperatures than either all-season or summer tires.

Who are competitors of Continental tires? ›

Continental's competitors and similar companies include Valeo, Bosch, Michelin and Exxelia.

How many years are Continental tires last? ›

Together with other members of the tire and automotive industries, Continental advises that all tires (including spare tires) made more than ten years ago should be removed from service and replaced with new tires.

Is Continental Tire Made in China? ›

Other Countries Where Continental Tyres Are Manufactured

The leading factories are in Germany, the United States, China and Brazil. However, Continental also has several smaller factories in other countries, including Brazil, India, Romania, Hungary and Poland.


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