The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (2023)

February 14, 2020

The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (1)

Here in Virginia, you never know what kind of weather you’ll get from week to week or even day to day! There could be snow in April or summery temps in December, but no matter what time of year it is, you can count on having rainy days.

Unfortunately, drivers tend to brush off rainy weather without considering the danger that wet roads add. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 70 percent of weather-related car accidents happen on wet pavement and 46 percent happen during rainfall. That’s more than the crashes caused by snow, sleet, ice, slush and fog combined!

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With this in mind, it’s important to consider tires’ performance in wet weather before your next tire purchase. To help you, we’ve created a handy guide to the best tires for wet roads that Virginia Tire & Auto has to offer.

What Type of Tire is Best for Driving on Wet Roads?

When you look at overall wet-weather performance, summer tires (or three-season tires) typically have the best ratings for wet braking and wet road handling. Summer tires have a soft, sticky rubber compound that grips wet pavement for better control. Also, their tread patterns are designed to channel water through and away from the tire, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

However, summer tires are only good to drive when the temperature is above 45 degrees. Once the temperature drops, that soft rubber compound becomes stiff and brittle, which makes it less effective and shortens the tire’s lifespan.

All-season tires, on the other hand, are built to deal with a much broader temperature range. They don’t perform quite as well as summer tires in warm weather or quite as well as winter tires in cold weather. But they’re great to use year-round in a moderate climate with mild winters—like in Virginia.

So for most tire shoppers at Virginia Tire & Auto, an all-season tire is the most sensible choice. We don’t get enough snow and cold temperatures to warrant switching to winter tires, but the temperature regularly drops below 45 degrees. Also, all-season tires typically have a longer tread life, so they are an excellent choice for the average Virginia commuter.

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Because of this, we only compared all-season tires for our recommendations on the best tires for wet roads. Keep reading to discover our top picks for passenger, performance and truck/SUV tires with impressive performance in the rain.

Best Passenger Tires for Wet Roads

The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (2)Continental TrueContact Tour, 80,000-Mile Tread Life Warranty

Continental is known for having excellent wet performance for all their tire lines, and the TrueContact Tour is no exception. Its Eco-Plus Technology uses specially formulated tread compounds and precisely engineered traction grooves to provide best-in-class wet braking and resist hydroplaning. And with great dry traction, a long tread life warranty and a comfortable ride, the TrueContact Tour is a great choice For What You Do.

The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (3)Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady, 60,000-Mile Tread Life Warranty

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The Assurance WeatherReady’s zigzag biting edges and sweeping traction grooves provide confident traction in all weather conditions. And the soy-based rubber compounds help the tread stay pliable even when the temperature drops. Although the Assurance WeatherReady has a lower tread life warranty than other tires in its category, it comes with Evolving Traction Grooves™ that retain high levels of grip even as the tire wears.

Top Performance Tires in Wet Weather

The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (4)Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS+, 50,000-Mile Tread Life Warranty

When it comes to performance tires, the Potenza RE980AS+ is one of the best all-season tires out there. Its tread pattern slots and high-density grooves create biting edges for traction in slippery conditions, and it maintains impressive responsiveness and grip on dry roads as well as wet—no matter what time of year. Add on its extended tread life and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular performance tires on the market.

The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (5)Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus, 50,000-Mile Tread Life Warranty

Innovation and reliability combine in Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus. It uses SportPlus Technology, an advanced silica-enhanced tread compound featuring +Saline additives, increased wet grip and extended tread life. Its Traction Grooves improve snow performance, and X-Sipes enhance stopping, turning and acceleration for maximum control in slippery conditions. Plus, it’s easy to know when your tread is too low with the tire’s DWS (Dry, Wet, Snow) Indicators. Get the best performance from your performance vehicle with the ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus.

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Best Truck/SUV Tires for Rain

The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (6)Continental CrossContact LX25, 70,000–Mile Tread Life Warranty

With Continental’s Eco-Plus Technology, outstanding wet and dry performance, and a confident, controlled driving experience, the CrossContact LX25 is one of the best truck and SUV tires for rainy weather. This second-generation CrossContact has improved snow performance and remarkable hydroplaning resistance. And besides improving wet performance, the EcoPlus Technology also increases fuel savings and prolongs tread life.

The 6 Best Tires for Wet Roads - Virginia Tire & Auto (7)Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus, 80,000-Mile Tread Life Warranty

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is a great all-around tire that combines sharp handling with strong braking, a smooth ride and long tread life. Its tread pattern is engineered to provide superior traction in dry, wet and lightly snowy conditions while also reducing road noise. And, get the most life out of your tires with the Dueler’s impressive treadwear performance.

Save on All-Season Tires at Virginia Tire & Auto

Not sure what wet-weather tire is best for you? Give us a call at 855.425.3677 or drop in at any of our locationsto talk with a tire expert. If you already know what you’re looking for, click here to shop our tire collection and schedule a tire service visit.

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